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How to Make Shrimp Fried Rice!! Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

Fried rice is such simple dish in Chinese culture. It can be made with many different ingredients,Today we are making shrimp fried rice. It’s the perfect combination of taste and nutrition.

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Ingredients you”ll Need:
Shrimps 200 Grams
Soy sauce 2 Tbsp
Oyester Sauce 1 1/2 Tbsp
Salt 1/4 Tsp
White Pepper 1/3 Tsp
Sugar 1 Tsp
Chinese Salt / MSG (OPTIONAL) 1 Tsp

Ginger & Garlic Paste 1 Tbsp
Oil 2 Tbsp
Carrots and green Peas 120 Grams
Chopped onion 1/3 Cup
Salted Boiled Rice 1 Cup

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Opae Ula Super Shrimp!

Halocaridina rubra, aka Opae Ula, are the easiest pets to keep as they do not require any maintenance at all – no water changes, no filtration, no air pumps, no cleaning of tank! They only require a little food once a week or so!

Also known as Volcanic shrimp, these crustaceans are endemic to the anchialine pools of Hawaii! They can live for up to 20 years, and constantly reproduce!

Opae ula are truly the best and most wonderful pets!

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Next week, the US publishes its influential Trafficking in Persons (TiP) report that ranks countries according to their efforts to tackle global slavery. Countries such as Thailand, in the spotlight following the Guardian’s revelations that farmed shrimp from the country sold in US, UK and European supermarkets are fed on feed supplied by slave labour, will be anxiously awaiting the findings. But why is the TIP report important and what will it mean for those countries receiving the lowest rankings? Annie Kelly explains

Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in the US and UK

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Amazing tequila lime shrimp recipe. Low carb and impressive. I show you how to Flambé!

2 oz tequila
2 oz olive oil
1 oz maccadamia nut oil
1 lb of shrimp
1 med zucchini
2 limes
1 serrano pepper
4 cloves garlic
1 sprig cilantro
.5 lb of chrispy bacon
black pepper
sea salt

1) Peal and de-vein shrimp. Rinse and place in a bowl. Add juice of 1 lime and 1 oz of tequila. Set aside.
2) Start heating a heavy cast iron pan on med/high heat.
3) “spiralize” zucchini to make into noodle size shreds. Place in a bowl. Add juice of 1 lime, chopped cilantro, chopped serrano, crushed and minced garlic, sea salt, and pepper
4) Add macadamia nut oil to pan, add shrimp. Keep a lid close by to extinguish the flame if needed. Once in the pan and sizzling, add the tequila and immediately use a long grill lighter to ignite the pan. Toss pinches of the cumin into the flames to toast and smoke the seasoning.
5) Add the bacon and stir to incorporate all the juice from the bottom of the pan. Place shrimp and bacon on zoodels and serve.

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