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A documentary produced by Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts in 2005. Travel with SITCA director Roongfa Sringam on a scenic and fascinating trip to see the sources of Thai cooking ingredients. Part two of three. See where and how prawns are farm raised. Stop at factories where fish sauce, shrimp paste, palm sugar, rice and noodle products are made. Visit farms and orchards where Thai herbs and fruits grow. Finally, see a demonstration of how rice is traditionally farmed in Southeast Asia. Written and directed by Martin Amada.

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Central Proteina Prima is the Leader in Farm-Raised Shrimp Production in the World

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Getting up at 4 a.m. to wade out into freezing seawater may not sound like an ideal retirement, but 65-year-old Jim Ferry says he can’t think of a better way to spend his later years. Mr. Ferry joins Lunch Break to look at how he went from advising Absolut and Sony to wading in rubber gaiters in the wee morning hours. Photo: Chris Campbell, Big Rock Oyster Co.

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Note that this video is provided as historical material. The information contained herein is most likely outdated. Please visit for up-to-date information.

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Don’s Farm Fresh Produce in Gallatin TN – is the perfect place to pick up local produce that was grown in nearby farms so that you get the best local fruits and vegetables fresh from the store to your table. Don has fresh local honey and melons too. Come by Don’s Farm Fresh Produce Today!

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Terry Marshall & Robert Lee go to Fitzroy river with their families to fish for Cherabin (Giant Freshwater Prawn). They show people how to catch an cook the Cherabin. Robert Lee also brought a Bush Turkey with him, which they also cook and have a lovely feast with their families.

tafbutton blue16 Catch & Cook: Cherabin (Fresh Water Prawn)

This combination of shrimp and pesto make for a tasty seafood pizza.

Full Recipe:

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Atlas HD Films was on location at Shepherds Hollow Farm in Jeff City, MO to film the annual Prawn Harvest. (2012) Shepherds Hollow Farms will be featured in the first season of Atlas HD Film’s “Trades”. Subscribe to our channel here and the linked social accounts to stay in tune with what we are doing! -Atlas HD Films

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In June 2008, Andrew Carroll purchased an old prawn farm on Palmers Island, near Yamba NSW, for the purpose of growing market size Mulloway fish for domestic and foreign markets. It was Andrew’s primary objective to take this species and improve feed conversion ratios and growth by removing all predator stresses and creating an environment that he believed would better suit this species of fish.

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A home recirculating aquaculture system for growing freshwater prawns or other aquatic species.

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Eastern North Carolina has been famous for its agriculture, for years. But these days its aquaculture thats making its mark in the East. Crazy Claws Prawn Company had its annual prawn harvest today. Reporter: This is the Relyeas third freshwater prawn harvest and last year, I attended. But they told me if I wanted to come this time, I had to get in the water, so Im going in!

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Chef Dan Lichens demonstrates how to saute the baby spinach for shrimp and grits.

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