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Watch Mr. Shivanyanam speaks about his experience in Prawn Breeding in this edition of Malarum Bhoomi.

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Chef Diego del Río of the El Lago Restaurant in Marbella, Spain, shows how to do this special cold, white garlic soup with prawns. It’s easy and quick to make.
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One of Spain’s most popular meals!

White Garlic Soup with Prawns from Marbella, Mango Salad and Coriander

Serves three:


300 g almonds

4 slices of bread

1 garlic clove

20 ml sherry vinegar

13 g salt

600 ml water

puree the mixture for five minutes in a blender or food processor

200 ml olive oil (NOT extra virgin)

100 ml water

Gradually, add the olive oil to the blender, as you would when making mayonnaise. Add the water at the end.

12 prawns

1 mango

fresh coriander

Ginger oil

soya sauce

Edible flower petals


Peel the prawns and flamb them briefly with a brule torch or flash fry them on both sides in a frying pan. The prawns should remain practically raw. Add a little salt and extra virgin oil.

Peel the mango and dice it, add ginger oil. Add soya sauce and chopped fresh coriander.

To serve: place the mango salad at the bottom of the plate, garnish with prawns, decorate with the flower petals and then add the soup.

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Chef Diego del Ro of the El Lago Restaurant in Marbella, Spain.
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