Shrimp Farms

One of the highlight from my recent trip to Lembeh, Indonesia, was recently discovered Green Hairy Shrimp (not sure it’s a variation Phycocaris sp. or completely new species).These are no bigger then a grain of rice and some of them are much smaller!

tafbutton blue16 Discovered in Indonesia: Hairy Shrimp   Phycocaris sp.

NMSU researchers are testing a glandless cottonseed meal feed and a closed-water cultivation system as they explore the feasibility of inland shrimp producti…

tafbutton blue16 Inland Shrimp Production at NMSU?

Early development of shrimp farming at village Dandi, surat. 1998.

tafbutton blue16 manoj sharma shrimp farming surat

In this episode of The Lighter Option, food and diet writer Phil Mundy shows you how to make a quick and healthy king prawn and courgette linguine. Perfect for a light weekday meal.

tafbutton blue16 The Lighter Option: Prawn, Courgette And Tomato Linguine

April 27, 2012 Invasion Of The Oversized Crustaceans! Asian Tiger Shrimp Invade The US. Giant cannibal shrimp are invading the coasts of America en masse — a…

tafbutton blue16 Giant cannibal shrimp asian tiger are invading the coasts of America en masse

Link: The Paleo Foundation’s Paleo Approved Farm Certification Program

tafbutton blue16 The Paleo Foundations Paleo Approved Farm Certification Program

The World Trade Organization said Monday it supported China’s claim against anti-dumping measures taken by the United States on Chinese shrimp and diamond sawblades exports.
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Producer : Xinhua News Agency

tafbutton blue16 WTO Backs China on Shrimp Dispute

Credit: Nguyen Van Hoa (Vietnam) Source: This video presents farming of catfish and shrimp in Vietnam. Farming husbandry such as feeding …

tafbutton blue16 Culture and processing of catfish and shrimp in Vietnam

Discovery / Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Fish Farming episode.

tafbutton blue16 How Its Made Fish Farming

I caught these Ghost Shrimp from the canal here in South Florida using a small net. I put them in my spare 10 Gallon Fish tank to farm them as a side project…

tafbutton blue16 Ghost Shrimp Farm in 10 Gallon Fish Tank AKA Glass Grass or Palaemonetes

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