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The tropical shrimp industry in Thailand exploits both people and the environment, a special investigation by the Ecologist Film Unit (EFU), Link TV and Swedwatch reveals

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An Arrey Mbongaya Ivo film on IRAD Shrimp Farming Project.mp4 Video is an entry tool to better development in the sector and relevant areas by African Centre for Community and Development. ,, http

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Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp, makes sure that the freshest shrimp hits your dinner plate. While other manufacturers keep their shrimp frozen, their shrimp is sustainable, local and always fresh.

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Chef de Cuisine Chris Clime demonstrates how to cook Louisiana style barbecue shrimp.

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A technical and operational overview of the Virotec technologies, including results achieved at Gilt Edge Mine, Tomei Prawn Farm, Tasman Sheepskin Tannery and The RAAF Amberley Base.

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STORY: FROM FISHING TO FARMINGDATELINE: DEC 18, 2011LENGTH: 0:00:56LOCATION: NAIROBIINTROWith a surface area of 68,000 square kilometres, Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest freshwater lake by surface area. No wonder Lake Victoria supports Africa’s largest inland fishery.However, fishermen around Lake Victoria are now resorting to farming after water hyacinth has taken over much of their fishing zones.LIFESTYLES has more.PKGFor many years, small scale fishermen have been generating sustainable income through selling their catch. However, business is no longer as usual any more. Only rich companies with powered boats can venture deeper in to the lake where the hyacinth has not grown.Therefor, the fishermen have now abandoned their boats and changed their trade which they seem now to be happy about.Kenyans in Western part are adopting fruit farming and have for the last few years gained more experience in fruit farming. SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) PETER ONSOGO, FRUIT FARMER”The people wh
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For more information, visit: ‘Lobster farms’ tells the following story: Shrimps, crawfish and lobsters are in high demand in the local markets but the supply is far from sufficient. Also while over-fishing has taken a toll on the wild live stock, the Ministry of Fisheries has set up some lobster farming schemes to promote this potentially lucrative trade. It isEquity Weekly show # 109. This clip raises issues related to Agriculture and more specifically, the themes of lobster. It is a Feature directed by Nem Sambo and aired in/on . It was distributed through National TV / Satellite and produced by UNDP / TVK for AUSAID, CIDA, SIDA, IRISH AID.

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No drive to the North Shore is complete without a meal at Romy’s shrimp stand that has sprouted along the highway as a result of the development of his aquaculture farm. Because they harvest their prawns and shrimp daily from their own ponds, you know you’re getting the best and freshest shrimp and prawns. 56-781 Kamehameha Highway Kahuku, HI96731 808-232-2202 For more videos like this, visit

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Developed by science, Kuruma prawns are the champagne of prawns, with a huge export potential.

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This was from some Polyculture Exhibit at Kapolei Fun Fair, Oahu. Pretty neat, the Tilapia are a little over 12 inches long and the Prawn are just about 12 inches long.

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