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This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, from | http A cash crop is a crop grown for money. Four hundred years ago the first cash crop for European colonists in North America was tobacco. American Indians were already growing it. Then in sixteen twelve, says, an Englishman named John Rolfe found that it would “grow well in Virginia and sell profitably in England.” But tobacco kills millions every year. Farmers face increasing government restrictions on tobacco use. They also face less demand from developed countries and more competition from developing ones. Some farmers now grow niche crops instead of or in addition to tobacco. Niche crops are aimed at a particular market, but choosing what to plant can be difficult. Professor Tony Johnston at Middle Tennessee State University says most tobacco farms are relatively small. “The big issue for all the tobacco growing states is to find those small crops, those niche crops that would provide enough cash flow with fairly similar amounts of area on which you plant your crops.” Some tobacco farmers raise prawns, or freshwater shrimp. This kind of shellfish is used in different foods and often served cold in what Americans call shrimp cocktails. The British call them prawn cocktails. Tennessee farmer Jane Corbin says she got into this aquaculture business because it “sounded interesting.” On a recent weekend, she and her sons harvested tobacco and prawns from the same field. The prawns

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Peeling and de-veining shrimp can be a messy, time-consuming hassle. Watch a quick and easy method for preparing shrimp with just one easy cut. For recipe ideas and more videos, go to

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Shrimp are a fantastic ingredient for an appetizer, a starter or a main dish. They take a little prep work before you start your recipes. Chef and author Becky Selengut shows us how to clean and devein fresh shrimp.Distributed by

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INTRO: North Carolina is certainly well-known for its agriculture industry—both in crops and in livestock. But a livelihood that’s been dominated by tobacco and hogs-among other things-is starting to welcome some new names like tilapia and prawns. They’re two of several types of seafood being raised and harvested as part of our state’s aquaculture industry. Rob Holliday has the story. TAG: Like crops and livestock, aquaculture is also regionally diverse. While many of the fish and shellfish do well in the eastern part of the state, several of them can succeed in the piedmont and mountains…and a few can even be raised indoors.

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When completed in 1963, Wairākei was one of just two geothermal power stations in the world. However, it has adversely affected the surrounding thermal area — tourist attractions such as the famous Wairākei geyser and Champagne Pool have come to a halt, and the land is sinking. A nearby prawn farm takes advantage of heat from the power station’s waste water. Geothermal energy, Geyser Valley, 1950s, Wairākei to Ōhakuri, Opening Wairākei power station, Archival audio: Archives New Zealand — Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga, People of the Waikato. National Film Unit, 1956. —Roadside Stories are a series of audio guides to places of interest on major road trips in New Zealand. Each guide tells the story of an attraction along the way — its people, its history, its cultural and natural significance. For more information about Roadside Stories visit

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عرض لشركة الروبيان الوطنية العملاقة وأهم الاقسام والانتاج باللغة الانجليزية شركة الروبيان الوطنية بالمملكة العربية السعودية أهم وأكبر مشروع متكامل لانتاج الروبيان الأبيض في العالم أسس الشركة ملك الروبيان المهندس أحمد رشيد البلاع وهو المدير التنفيذي لها ويرأس مجلس ادارتها الشيخ سليمان عبدالعزيز الراجحي . Covering an area of approximately 250sq km on the Red Sea Coast in Saudi Arabia the privately owned, NPC is among the largest, fully integrated prawn farms in the world. The ten farms are fed directly from the pristine, crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Sustainability is an integral part of NPC’s commitment to its customers, employees and shareholders. Every aspect of production from hatchery to pond to plate is monitored and traceable Located 150kms south of the Kingdom’s commercial centre, Jeddah, and close to the ancient port town of Al Lith, NPC’s 2400 employees help to produce over 15000 tonnes a year of white prawn (Fenneropenaeus indicus) for sale in the Kingdom and around the world. The first phase of development is complete with ten farms, each comprising up to 28 ponds with each pond measuring roughly ten hectares. Phase II of development is under construction with a further 13 farms of the same size planned. The first two farms in Phase II will come into production in 2010. Other aspects of Phase II include aeration of all ponds, on land production of fish (Greater Amberjack) and Sea Cucumber (or Sand Fish) Every aspect of NPC’s production is based on

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పశ్చిమ గోదావరిలో రొయ్యల చెరువులుగా మారిపోతున్న పంట పొలాలు

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Bingham Farms, MI 48025

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It may look like it, but this is not space, and those are not stars. They are Heterosigma, a harmful phytoplankton species responsible for killing over a million farmed fish in the past 20 years, and an indeterminate number of wild fish. At the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, a team of scientists from the institutions shown here have set up a Harmful Algal Bloom Laboratory (or HAB Lab for short), to research growth and toxic mechanisms in these raphidophytes. Here, grad student Brian Sutton-Quaid, under the supervision of Dr. Charlie Trick, is running a test to determine the toxicity of Heterosigma we have collected and grown in a culture. This assay uses brine shrimp, commonly known to you and me as Sea Monkeys. First, Brian hatches these shrimp in a bubbler, then, places a set number in each well of these plates. Some rows are controls and some rows contain a known amount of Heterosigma. After letting them sit, Brian observes the brine shrimp under a dissecting microscope. These brine shrimp are one of the controls, and are mostly happy and healthy. This is a well containing Heterosigma, and as you can see, the shrimp are having a more difficult time swimming through the water, and are labeled “impaired”. These data, as always, are recorded in a science notebook, with three columns: Alive, Impaired, and Dead. They’re then analyzed to determine the toxicity of the Heterosigma. Please note: Content may not be used without written consent of the author

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Marine Harvest Canada showcases how it raises salmon from the initial egg stage to the customer. This informative video takes you through several phases of salmon production; freshwater hatchery, marine salmon farm, harvesting, processing, packaging and delivery. (6:36)

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