Shrimp Farms

Vietnam shrimp farmers are facing a big disease outbreak in the Mekong Delta. It appears this is on Black Tiger shrimp and it is coming when the market remains very high. We discuss alternatives buyers can use to deal with aquaculture supply disruptions. Read the rest of today’s Seafood News at

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Visit for more crafts book audio reviews!

This is an audio summary of The Field Guide to Vintage Farm Tractors (Machinery Hill) by Robert N. Pripps, Andrew Morland.

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Fishing Trip to ”Titin’s Shrimp Farm. At “”El Castillo Bay”"

tafbutton blue16 Fishing Trip to Titins Shrimp Farm

December, 2011 – 7 years after the devastating tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Indian ocean, and over 135000 alone in Indonesia, comes a story of hope and resilience as two shrimp farmers from Banda Aceh share with us their success from shrimp aquaculture farming. This short video was produced for the Aquaculture Clinic 2011 held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and hosted by The WorldFish center and A-Spark Good Ventures.

tafbutton blue16 After the tsunami: Shrimp Aquaculture Farming in Aceh

Xiaxue picks her 2 favourite BFF finalists and spends some solo time with each of them. In this episode, one of them takes Xiaxue to the prawn farm!

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Tropical Aquaculture Products, Inc. is a sales, distribution, marketing and accounting operation of a growing cooperative of aquaculture farms. By focusing on quality and continuity of supply, and ensuring world-class customer service, Tropical Aquaculture have consistently met the growing needs of our wholesale customers.

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NPR and advocacy group Public Citizen have reported on the disgusting and dangerous conditions of Asian shrimp farms, the same farms that supply 90% of the shrimp in the United States. The Young Turks Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Support TYT for FREE:

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