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Pistol Shrimps Trailer – 2016 Basketball Documentary by Brent Hodge starring Maria Blasucci, Molly Hawkey and Aubrey Plaza

Plot synopsis:
“Brent Hodge and Morgan Spurlock (A Brony Tale, TFF 2014) spin a variation on the classic underdog story told in fun-loving and free-wheeling style. Their focus: an eclectic group of actresses, musicians, writers, comedians, and moms who compete in the Los Angeles women’s recreational basketball league. With team names guaranteed to make you smile (Shecago Bulls, Traveling Pants, Space Glam, Ba Dunka Dunks, LA Nail Clippers), this documentary shows that girls not only wanna have fun, they wanna ball too. The team that started it all is the Pistol Shrimps, whose lineup includes Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation). From inspiring a podcast to creating their own merchandise, this group of exceptional women proves that organized sports can be enjoyed at any age and any skill level. Talented both on and off the court, they prove all the haters wrong as they full-court press their way to glory. Haters beware!”

Director: Brent Hodge
Screenwriter: Brent Hodge
Producer: Morgan Spurlock, Rachel Ricketts, Brent Hodge
Editor: Brent Hodge, Korey Schaefer, Andrew Huculiak, Chris Kelly
Sound Supervisor: John Diemer
Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Molly Hawkey, Angela Trimbur, Melissa Stetten, Jesse Thomas, Maria Blasucci

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うちの水槽。ヌマエビ集団の創始者 “イブさん” とアカヒレ達。
BGM: Danielle Brisebois – Just Missed the Train
The Ricecookers – Nami no Yukusaki (SPEC ed)
Utada Hikaru – Apple & Cinnamon

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David Thompson, Thai cooking expert, shows us how to make grilled Thai shrimp.

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