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Foster Farms has not recalled chicken even after more than 100 people get sick with salmonella Heidelberg. They are not required to as “meat” is under the USDA’s FSIS jurisdiction and salmonella is an acceptable pathogen in small amounts. It is not appropriate, however, for Foster Farms chicken to sicken people. The reason there has been no recall by Foster Farms is possibly related to both the cost of a recall and the damage a recall causes to brand loyalty.

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Shrimp is one of the worst things to eat if you are trying to avoid habitat destruction, by-catch & contaminants. Most farmed and wild caught shrimp is a sad story. In the video Chef Marcus Guiliano explains his exact criteria for a better shrimp.Marcus Guiliano, Chef and Owner of Aroma Thyme Bistro located in Ellenville, NY in the scenic Hudson Valley. Aroma Thyme is know for their “stealth health”(Zagat). The Bistro has an award-winning wine list from Wine Spectator Magazine and over 200 beers. Aroma Thyme is certified green by The Green Restaurant Association. Support Hudson Valley Restaurants. My Central Channel: My facebook http Twitter for my restaurant: My personal Twitter: My Restaurant website: My restaurant YouTube channel: Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Balitanghali is the daily noontime newscast of GMA News TV anchored by Raffy Tima and Pia Arcangel, on Saturday and Sundays by Jun Veneracion and Mariz Umali. It airs Mondays to Fridays at 11:30 AM and on weekends 12:00 PM (PHL Time). For more videos from Balitanghali, visit

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Learn more about Aquaponics here If you really wanted to grow and breed magnificent tilapia or some other freshwater beauty, why in the world would you turn to a hybrid method that combines traditional aquaculture and hydroponics ? First, let’s look at what happens when you run a conventional aquaculture setup. This style of farming can be advantageous for gardeners and farmers. If you have ever spent all day watering plants outside, you know what a pain it can be. With aquaponic farming, you’ll never have to water your plants, because the pump system does this for you. No weeding is involved, because there is no soil in an aquaponics system. You’ll never have to fertilize your plants, because the fish provide that for you. Fish waste carries ammonia, which is converted into nitrates to feed your plants. If you build an aquaponics system indoors, you can grow food all year round, and never worry about insects and animals! If you wish to learn more about Aquaponics, visit

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Ray Wright wasnt sure what he would find when he drained a quarter-acre pond at the University of Missouri Bradford Research and Extension Center near Columbia. Four months earlier, at the beginning of June, the MU research specialist had stocked the pond with 4000 juvenile freshwater prawns bought from a Texas hatchery. Freshwater prawns are a species of shrimp native to Malaysia, which has a tropical climate very different from that of mid-Missouri. Summer and fall had been cool in Missouri this year. Raccoons and frogs were using the pond as an all-you-can-eat buffet. How many prawns had survived, and how big were they? Wright wouldnt know until the pond was more than half-empty. Theres a tremendous amount of risk involved, he said. Corn and beans—Missouri farmers know how to grow them. They know the risks and they know how to manage them. When it comes to raising seafood in Missouri, however, producers are still learning what works and what doesnt. With prawns, when the temperature goes below 60, youve lost your crop, Wright said. You dont want to learn that after youve invested $10000. You want someone else to learn that, so you know that when the temperature gets in that range, its time to get the prawns out. Raising aquatic species for profit is an agricultural endeavor that requires special skills, knowledge and dedication to be successful, said Charles Hicks, aquaculture specialist at Lincoln University. Its critical that potential producers do their homework

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Toronto’s Riverdale Farm is receiving a $25,000 donation from a private Canadian family foundation — an infusion of much-needed funds for the urban farm.
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- Reduce Feeding Costs – Boost Productivity – Eliminate Waste – Motivate Staff Get control of your aquaculture business. With a smart cloud application and your mobile device. Check out and register your email to receive a Free invitation for a trial version of Aquinetix!

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Does “where” the nutrition label appear really matter? And a new fish farming technique, for today – Tuesday January 17, 2012. Exchanging unexpected pieces of knowledge.

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My father in law take my children and nieces and nephew to catch prawns.

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