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Out with the tomatoes and in with the melons & beans… we are battling the heat with a overhead fog/mist and finally have the caterpillars under control… I also have had somebody send me some habanero seeds and now have 3 growing .. would like to find some other hot peppers so if you are growing them in your garden and can save me some seeds .. I would love to try them … Ghost chilli’s or the Trinidad scorpions …. would also like to try some flavored mint’s .. so if your a seed saver and have a few extra seed’s.. and would like to put a few in the post we will try them out in our aquaponics system …. James Harrison Green Evolution Aquaponics 12/3 mu 3 Koh Tao Koh Pangan Suratthani Thailand 84360 Tel# 084-556-1882

PinExt Green Evolutions Aquaponic farm 21.5.2012
tafbutton blue16 Green Evolutions Aquaponic farm 21.5.2012

Raising freshwater prawn in Kentucky and getting them to market.

PinExt Pond to Market
tafbutton blue16 Pond to Market

Chefs Rob Carson and Paolo Buffa demonstrate how to make squash risotto with jumbo shrimp.

PinExt How to Make Squash Risotto with Jumbo Shrimp
tafbutton blue16 How to Make Squash Risotto with Jumbo Shrimp

Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make shrimp Saute with Cream and Garlic Sauce.

PinExt Shrimp Saute with Cream and Garlic Sauce
tafbutton blue16 Shrimp Saute with Cream and Garlic Sauce

One of Australia’s few farms that grow Cobia. The Cobia are fed on the Grobest Cobia diet, which is a full marine based feed. The Cobia are one of the worlds fastest growing aquaculture species reaching in excess of 6kg in one year.

PinExt Australian Cobia Farm
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Harvesting of Rosenbergii at Kampung Chennah, STAC Alumus’ farm, Mr.Liew

PinExt Malaysian Giant Prawn Harvesting (
tafbutton blue16 Malaysian Giant Prawn Harvesting (

Chef Peter Tucker from the Devils Grill Restaurant demonstrates how to make Shrimp and Grits with tasso ham including how to cook the shrimp and make the buerre fondue.

PinExt Shrimp and Grits   How to Cook the Shrimp & Buerre Fondue Sauce
tafbutton blue16 Shrimp and Grits   How to Cook the Shrimp & Buerre Fondue Sauce

The difference between white and brown shrimp. White shrimp are usually large in size, tender in texture and mild in flavor. Brown shrimp have a stronger flavor

PinExt La. Shrimp Recipes
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Without any further wait, we introduce to you the Farming Simulator 2013 CD-Key Generator, be able to play Farming Simulator 2013 free! This program will be able to generate as many CD key codes for Farming Simulator 2013 and to play it without cracks and other staffs.

PinExt Farming Simulator 2013 Keygen and Crack
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This entire video is entirely made up of still photographs, using time lapse and stop motion techniques. It was created for Blue Archipelago Berhad shrimp farm (probably the biggest in Malaysia) in 2009. We got a call from the farm’s reps the same week they needed to get something ‘interesting and different’ up for an important presentation. The brief: To show that the farm is ‘giving back’ to the region by developing the human potential through jobs and education. Due to this extremely short notice, we had no preparation : no script, no story board, no site recce (!). We did not even know how the farm looked like. Going in blind, shooting on the fly, improvising all the way. Quite a few things went wrong (mostly to do with weather, soft mud and sinking tripods) but mostly it went right. Without the help from the farm’s HR and workers, this video would never have gotten made- I am very grateful for your help and cooperation. The production itself took 3 days. The locations are all within the shrimp farm, and the villages and padi fields around it. The ‘story’ developed daily with every footage ftped to the editor every evening. There were lots of crazy phone calls back and forth daily. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding projects that I’ve ever been part of. This version is my cut.

PinExt Timelapse: BAB shrimp farm and the villagers (directors cut)
tafbutton blue16 Timelapse: BAB shrimp farm and the villagers (directors cut)

Chef de Cuisine Chris Clime demonstrates how to clean and devein shrimp for Louisiana style BBQ Shrimp.

PinExt Louisiana BBQ Shrimp
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