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Information on Shrimp Farms - Part 6
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We asked chef Veena Arora of Spice Route, The Imperial, New Delhi, tell us how to make stir-fried prawns

K Brosas demonstrated how to cook a simple seafood dish – tiger prawns with chili sauce.

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People are already trying to do this. Trying to grow food in the oceans with farms underwater and in the water. But what if all the farms would float?

Maerk’s Disease –IB (H 129)— -1 to 2
New Castle Disease —————–5 to 7
Infectous Bursal Disease—(IBD)
Gamboro————————————– 9
Infectous Bursal Disease(IBD)
Gamboro ————————————-16
Hydro Pericadium ———————-180
ND+IB —————————————- 22
IB————– ———————————-28
Fowl Pox ————————————-42
ILT ———————————————–55
Avian Influenza————————— 60
ND+IB —————————————–65
Avian Infuenza —————————-90
Avian Influenza——- ——————-105
ND+IB—— ———————————-110
ESD+IB ———————————118 to 120

Tools and machinery for layer farming
browder- 5 – 15000
water bowls-50 – 15000
feed buckets -70-15000
egg nests – 100 -20000
water tank -1- 5000
water pump – 1 – 8000

Prawns pulav is easy to prepare one pot meal dish. We can have it for lunch or dinner without much preparation. Its a very popular dish in coastal region of India.

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Hi Friends,
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If you live anywhere near San Diego and need something to do that is different and involves nature, you really need to think about coming to our ranch at Salisbury Farms, and learn to ride a horse. You will not only learn to ride a horse, but learn so much more about these beautiful animals, and the bond that they can form with us as humans. If you want to explore more before coming to the farm, then you need to check out our website. We make it really easy to for even total beginners to learn to ride and have a close bond with our horses. Learning to ride on a horse can quite literally change your life, and we hope that we get a chance to show you why.

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