BBC documentary on shrimp farming in Honduras – part 1.mp4

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The very beginning of the documentary is misleading. By the end of it the conclusions are the exact opposite. Worth watching both parts!

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bhuezo says:

I’m from honduras, taste it and then give your opinion.

default1337 says:

Clearly more evidence are being presented by the bbc. BBC probably makes profit out of some programs like Top Gear but this one appears to be very unbiased

thoorblood says:

in 5  years sustanayble shrimp produccion in land out of mangroves develop the future shirimp eco friendly

natahmad says:

Maybe BBC is a public funded broadcasting service but the way they have done the documentary is not influenced by EJF or CODDEFAGOLF but it is trying to greewash Granjas Marinas business.

skydivetime says:

dear ‘natahmad’, thanks for watching the whole video to realise what it’s really about; however, your comment makes me think that you may not be aware that the BBC is a PUBLIC-funded broadcasting service, world renowned for their objectivity over the last 90 years (since 1922). The EJF has been publicly discredited by this video and no one including the Honduran shrimp company, the EJF or CODDEFAGOLF could have possibly influenced the BBC one way or another.

natahmad says:

It seems the company paid them to do a film against EJF and CODDEFAGOLF

KayLocura says:

Very informative documentary. The benefits of shrimp farming shine through and all is not what it may seem, especially if you rely on EJF for your information!

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