Coconut Prawn/Shrimp Curry with Home grown Spice & Veggies..

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Have been teasing folks with pictures of our Coconut & Prawn/Shrimp Curry on Instagram & FaceBook so thought I would put a bit of a clip together as well icon wink Coconut Prawn/Shrimp Curry with Home grown Spice & Veggies..

PinExt Coconut Prawn/Shrimp Curry with Home grown Spice & Veggies..
tafbutton blue16 Coconut Prawn/Shrimp Curry with Home grown Spice & Veggies..


Richard Allan says:

Looks great. Might have a lash at this tonight Cheers

Nathan Stoddard says:

you grow fish! make a fish curry >.< and where was the rice? you can’t
have curry without rice…

Vegitate Gardening says:

That looks great and I bet I taste amazing, I love a good curry. 

Mary Ann Mann says:

Looks delicious!

Charles Miller says:

Enjoy your vlogs and not being critical…just not familiar with Aussi
terms sometimes. Keep up the good work.

Gardeninggirl1107 says:

wow! I could use a bowl of your curry right now! Looks delicious – I’m
sitting here with an apple and some crackers!

TK Do says:

Wow, my mouth is watering just watching this. Good job Rob. I am sure it
taste delicious. Thank you for sharing. Dino from Southern California

1994abbygirl says:

Wow, that looks wonderful… I love shrimp..never had curry until recently
in a seafood soup.. Was yummy..Will definately try this!

australia says:

hi rob……i’ve just stumbled across your videos and am surprised to see
another SEQlder growing oganic veg in wicking beds. I built wicking salad
tables 1m off the ground that look beautiful, along with other troughs at
ground level. I’m only new to gardening as of 9 months ago since my first
child was born and have a few practical questions to ask re optimising my
wicking bed output. tried attaching pics of some of them here but cannot
figure out how. Would you be interested in giving me a tip or two? I’d love
to send you a pic or two to see what you think also. I make mine as
aesthetically pleasing as possible but that ends up costing a bit. Output
has been great but i don’t know what is normal. I’m unsure of how often to
top up the water in them, and what to use to raise soil level when the
bed has subsided. Also depth of soil for various veggies is a mystery for
me as i am new to gardening. I think i have all the gear and only some idea
lol. Any advice is appreciated and i i’d love to invite you to have a look
at my small number of beds/tables if you’re ever on the gold coast. I will
be expanding my patch in a few months bu don’t really know the best way to
do this…..
great vids btw :)

Brock Hughes says:

It looks awesome Rob wow very appetizing :) I love our rocket blender!!!

Paleo Star says:

It looks delicious! I will try it out tonight :) 

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

Looks delicious! And so cool that you grew most of it yourself. Nothing

terry palmore says:

Thanks Rob, nice change up. If you got a dog you could include him
sometime… :)
I have a drought in California. Can water only twice a week. Small garden
too… I enjoy yours though!

Elyse Joseph says:

Ok now I’m starving!!! Thanks for the recipe Rob and the laugh at the end :D 

Eric Mastenbrook says:

Hey, that’s what beards are for, right Rob? Saving a bit for later. Looks
really good. Great video!

mediamaker2000 says:

That Coconut Prawn/Shrimp Curry looks delicious! I picked up some turmeric
at Jungle Jims the other day so hopefully we’ll
be growing some ourselves at some point! I give this video a sugar snap pee
green thumbs up!

Southpaw Davey says:

Hungry now. Nice job with the curry. Good thing about beards mate later
when a bit peck ish you can always find a bit of a snack ;-) Fresh water
prawns mmm now thats a thought or craw fish. Sue is gonna kill me ;-) 

Rainbow Gardens says:

I like that you added coconut after the paste, adds a nice touch! :) I
soooo enjoy fresh curry from the garden. Curry is such an easy way to enjoy
fresh veggies. I like your yellow chili peppers. I grew some Thai yellow
peppers last year and used one (from the freezer) last week in curry.

Andrea Gianopoulos says:

It’s official, I’m hungry now! That looks mighty tasty, Rob and Bianca.
Thanks for sharing your “secret family recipe.” :) 

OneYardRevolution says:

Good looking dish, Rob!

Praxxus55712 says:

OMG SHRIMP!…..I mean…ummm…Looks great. :) 

McDowall Manor says:

Nicely done, good sir. 

The Self Sufficient Life says:

Man, that looks and sound GOOD! Shrimp is one of my favorites. When I lived
in Jacksonville Florida there was a place just south that was deserted.
Beach on one side of the road and small inlet on the other. Always crabs
and mullet there and shrimp would often run there. We would camp the whole
weekend and never have to take food. Good times, brother!

Mark Valencia says:

We enjoy this style of cooking but what I really love is how the base for
your dish is mostly all home grown – well done mate! 

Dale Calder says:

Looks so good chef Rob and with all of those fresh ingredients . If you
said I missed it but would you say it is Thai influenced. 

Linda Penney says:

Lovely update thank you sharing have blessed week

Cynthia Knight says:

Thanks for the recipe Rob, looks delicious. I have been told no need to
peel Turmeric at all just grate straight into pan when cooking.

asabagrendel says:

mmm that looks so yummy! Thanks for the recipe and cooking advice. :) 

Michael Barnabas says:

Very nice.

DJMovit says:

Now I’m starving! Thanks alot! LOL :-)

kbarb1000 says:

Looks gorgeous Rob, you’re a legend 

Gabriel Salinas says:

You should change the name to cooking with Rob Bob.. I love it.. Keep doing
what you are doing..

tonyo o says:

OOOOHHHH yum, looks great, enjoyed i hope.
I am mid way through my 10m x 5M Aquaponic polytunnel build (UK) what do
you think of airlifts Bob?
cheers pal you a big inspiration

stevencox75 says:

he didn’t miss it he was saving it for later! looks great

lifeinthailand says:

Looked delicious. I like the idea of homemade coconut milk, I have access
to the coconuts so why not make my own.

Charles Miller says:

ga·lan·gal [guh-lang-guhl]

pie lass says:

man i hate this video it makes me so hungry :( 

trever lamb says:

You r coooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Bob says:

Have been teasing folks with pictures of our Coconut & Prawn/Shrimp Curry
on Instagram & FaceBook so thought I would put a bit of a clip together as
well for interested folks..
Cheers all..

IFarm Light Company says:

Ok now I’m starving!!! Thanks for the recipe Rob and the laugh at the end :D 

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