coconut & shrimp fry

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shrimp fry Coconut shrimp prawn fry is a tasty dish immensely popular and economical and easy to prepare. It is recommended for those who prefer meaty flavors. If you are following a diet, you may find coconut shrimp prawn fry useful. The crispy texture of the coconut shrimp prawn fry sets it apart from others of its kind. Coconut shrimp prawn fry are served as appetizers and will be best for any party or celebratory meal. As with other seafood, shrimp is high in calcium, iodine and protein but low in food energy. A shrimp-based meal is also a significant source of cholesterol, from 122 mg to 251 mg per 100 g of shrimp, depending on the method of preparation. Shrimp consumption, however, is considered healthy for the circulatory system because the lack of significant levels of saturated fat in shrimp means that the high cholesterol content in shrimp actually improves the ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol and lowers triglycerides. Together with prawns, shrimp are widely caught and farmed for human consumption. Preparing shrimp for consumption usually involves removing the head, shell, tail, and “sand vein”. To de-shell a shrimp, the tail is held while gently removing the shell around the body. The tail can be detached completely at this point, or left attached for presentation purposes. Removing the “vein” (a euphemism for the digestive tract) can be referred to as “deveining”, though in fact shrimp do not have any real veins; they have an open circulatory

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