Deep Sea Fish Farming in Geodesic Domes: Upgrade

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In this episode of Upgrade, Motherboard goes to Baja California, Mexico to get a firsthand look at these free floating pods, and to get an understanding for …

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96jnb says:

It’s okay to eat fish, cause’ they don’t have any feelings.

Joe Dirt says:

We just need to start controlling our population. Coming up with idea’s
like this is great but it only helps support overpopulation.

Jose Garcia says:

Stop eating animals, please go vegan.

joe jerrard-adams says:

Really loved the documentary ( which it could have been longer ) great work
, would love to see more ! 

leonbuzza says:

just me who hates humans?…

Arjen Meijer says:

The over fishing of the oceans has always been scary in my eyes, it’s still
happening, but luckily farming fish is a decent solution that is getting
better over time.

These domes sort of creates small eco systems, and just locks in the fish
we want to grow and eat and it can be moved anywhere like a hamster ball.

Thomas Alexande says:

Looks like a really good idea. But what do they feed the fish? If its just
like farmed fish which is full of hormones, toxins…..then that is really

s. bae says:

All you Vegans go protest against the Japanese about this issue. See what
kind of results you’ll get. Absolutely nothing.

Zeitgeist Movement Polska says:

Rosnący popyt na owoce morza powoduje liczne problemy. Oprócz przełowienia,
coraz większym kłopotem staja się farmy ryb stanowiące zagrożenie dla
przybrzeżnych wód.

A może by tak hodować ryby na otwartym oceanie w kopułach geodezyjnych? Co
wy na to?

Obecnie poszukujemy redaktorów do polskiego wydania Zeitnews, jeśli jesteś
zainteresowany prosimy o kontakt.

Krystopherson Audaz says:

You wouldn’t be able to transport the fish into different parts of the
ocean, forced migration usually tends to kill fish. What would happen if
the surface water was too cold for the fish and the depth of the dome was
not deep enough for the fish to reach a sufficient temperature to keep
their vitals alive? Usually, fish would swim deeper into the water into a
region that is warmer than the surface where it is colder and also warmer
than the water below it, they’re called warm water currents and fish rely
on them.

Winchell Chung says:

deep sea geodesic dome fish farms.Buckminster Fuller would be proud.

RiotHouse says:

This reminds me of waterworld. Makes me want to go swimming and eat some

gesus44 says:

The reason why you have to eat aqua culture is because there is no wild
90% of fish have been destroyed by humans due to greed(nothing else).
We only have 10% of what there used to be over 100 years ago.
You fat stomach eating fish here and there is destroying the oceans!

Fred Fuchs says:

8:02 . No shit you’re not athletic. You are a Weenie, as is all liberals.

Arnold Layne says:

What is the point of importing almost the same amount of fish as you
export? Seems pretty uneconomical and wasteful to me…

Jahvah says:

Those Japanese fuckers slaughter and eat dolphins.

Nat Makarevitch says:

Aquaponics is another promising way.

Michael Jonnes says:

Fuck fish, we should exterminate them all! slimey arrogant bastards.

RED PILL says:

You can use the fish waste as fertilizer. Gotta get it somehow though.

Justice Harmony says:

they stuff those fish like sardines and they suffocate them alive :( poor

Alan Medina says:

I think density and flow determine disease but variety in diet determine
fish flavor.

Christian Odendaal says:

Fish are friends, not food.
Shut up Dorrie…

rtswift says:

damn the end goal of that geodesic dome is pretty cool. it would be like a
giant fishbowl with wheels.

TomatoOtters says:

this is insane! it like a prop out of a scifi movie

Nathan Deno says:

This is really cool. Glad to see that there are folks pushing
environmentally friendly ideas for our oceans as well.

Elias B says:

But in the end, we’re still killing them

rrhansell says:

I think they should provide this research to many pacific islander-oceanic
nation. Due to the vast area of open ocean and provide economic success
toward these fish industry nation.

BelsiBuBB says:

Maybe we just need to eat less of our animals? Next up, cannibalism. 

nicman2011 says:

7+ billion ppl on earth…a niggas gotta eat….either that or we let our
governments start population control to a degree that doesnt sit well with
most….so if we don’t succeed at finding ways to feed ourselves the powers
that be wont have any other choice but to kill a large portion of
society….jus sayin…agree or disagree …jus do the math….prove it to

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