First production of Iranian Caviar from fish farms in north of Iran

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The first production of the famous Iranian Caviar was exploited from the Sturgeon fish grown in fish farms built in North of Iran , the Iranian TV report .

PinExt First production of Iranian Caviar from fish farms in north of Iran
tafbutton blue16 First production of Iranian Caviar from fish farms in north of Iran


erdal0 says:

is this azerbaijan?

flameboyiviv says:

It doesn’t taste anywhere near as creamy and good if it’s harvested after birth, the caviar needs to be harvested at around 6 months.

Ilovecatbinlady says:

It is no longer a wise thing to insult Shia or Iran. The enemies of Islam do not distinguish between Muslims. Sunni and Shia worship Allah and it should be the most important concern.

Respect should be given to the Iranians for their hard work at building their country and preserving the dignity of their people. Arabs have a lot of lessons to learn from the Iranians.

Trang Nguyen says:

They do know there’s a way to get caviar without killing the fish… Yeah, it’s called BIRTH!

U FO says:

A message to 80ZaraZara08:

daxrebelz says:

:o  how?

3dkiller says:

There is a way to get the caviar out without killing the fish.. that means more caviar in time :)

Zara Zahra says:

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ThePersianCharm says:

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ThePersianCharm says:


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ThePersianCharm says:

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Zara Zahra says:

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ThePersianCharm says:

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Zara Zahra says:

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TheOriginalDevious says:

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Zara Zahra says:

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yves2568 says:

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Zara Zahra says:

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SittingMoose Shaman says:

…now this is promising!

HassaN minaei says:

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yves2568 says:

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