Fish Farming Cage systems

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An overview of fish farming cage systems.

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Arnaud ASSI says:

seller contact please?

scottcharlesjohnson says:

Very interesting!

Aqua Orchard says:

where do you get your ringer staple gun from please or does it have a specific name?

Johnny Moscow says:


nepalihercules says:


solarpanellights says:

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dammycute65 says:

Hi Mike, i was just developing interest in aquaculture, this video is educative and instructive. thank you for knowledge shared.

crorillabe says:

cool vid!!

1923ventures says:

Hello every my old blog is down.

FISH FARMERS IN GHANA AND INTERESTED PERSONS CAN NOW GO TO for the best and most relevant of information in starting a fish farm or improving a non performing farm.

Orrin Millington says:

Hi Mike, a good educational video thanks a lot.
Where can I find the ringer tool you were using to purchase.
Good luck in the future. swampbuggy54@hotmail

Rolandas Morkunas says:

Thank You for video.

abs2ray says:

Im in the UK but we are trying an aquaculture project in the Gambia West Africa and eventually roll it out to the neighbouring countries.

Kenny Gifford says:

Get yourself a scoop man… your hands will stink forevermore if you insist on handling fish feed with bare hands

khalid6591 says:

wher are you from may i ask

bsangoz says:

i think you should, im 16 and looking forward to investing into a fish farm.

ekitiwizard says:

go back home mugu

abs2ray says:

This is a wonderful video. I am thinking of starting my own fish farm in the future, hence would mlike to find out more information on this method. I assume that these cages can also be placed in rivers.
Quite inerested in sharing and laerning about more ideas. Any help would be highly appreciated

PeZAiSahUnTEr says:

hi, im 14 years old, and am fairly interested in animals such as fish, do you think i should go into fish farming??

mbloomer04 says:

I am trying to help a small fishing village in Ghana to produce cage fishing as a much safer option for the fishermen, can anybody tell me how to get started with this. I’m in the UK.

Michael Taylor says:

Let us not forget that there is a heath concern when it comes to enclosing thousands and thousands of fish in a small enclosed environment. It can create bacteria in fishes and disease in human beings. The larger and cleaner the farm, the better. Good clean water circulation, good space, and good oxygen is important. Fish farming is awesome and will better the world.

bankifreak says:

I am very interested in your cage building methods. I am trying to start my own fish farm in Haiti. Is it possible to get the plans and instruction on how to build a cage?

Thank you in Advance!

Edwin Mendoza says:

Thankyou for the information.
Where can I buy mesh and other items to make this system in my country?

Joseph Panganiban says:

hi. i am interested to the same technology in my country. where can i buy ringer and stainless ring staple

innanetboi says:

Hi i am interested in making my own cages i live in N.E. Ohio and was wondering where i can find the wire cages and mesh ?

KhanSlayer says:

This is a great video. You are like Prometheus daringly stealing fire from the gods.

sypker says:

you genius bravo a master piece worthy an oscar

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