Freshwater Prawns In RAS

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Giant freshwater prawns circling a culture tank during a drawdown of the tank water. Aproximately 100 prawns are living in a 700 gallon circular tank with a homemade recirculating filter system.

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Natcoast says:

This video is 2 years old at this point.
Currently I have about 2000 prawns in this system and they are doing well. They are 6 months old.
I am beginning to distribute them to other tanks at the school where I teach. They are part of an aquaponics project, but it’s time to move them inside for the winter. Even here in Florida, the winter temperatures can kill these prawns.

Growth has been good, but you do get lots of size diversity.

Natcoast says:

Dropping in to answer a few questions and clarify some misconceptions.
First, NOBODY ever got tetanus from rust. Tetanus is caused by a soil bacteria that enters puncture wounds.
Second, that is not rust in the tank, it’s a food grade aquacultural epoxy paint for lining tanks that will hold food animals. It happens to be a rust color. You should not use pool liners as they often contain chemicals that are bad for you and your animals.

tappakeggaday1 says:

that is what I first noticed..I wouldnt eat those for fear of tetanus..hell even a pool liner or plastic liner would have been preferable

jamesdds says:

do you offer courses?

gary77777778888888 says:

I dont know but i bet that if thay have plenty of food and space thay would get along fine.

theGangstadude1 says:

ik but what would happen if u put a craw fish in there are they gonna fight or eat each other?

gary77777778888888 says:

Thay look like a craw fish and shrimp mixed

tsinbeng ma says:

did u just pain your tank ? what about the rusts

Natcoast says:

Aquaculture of Texas is my supplier.

janetlittle14 says:

Who is you supplier, I would like to get some for Aquaponics?

theGangstadude1 says:

what happens if you put a craw fish in there

txdurk says:

Wish you had shown the whole system. is that a clay cistern.

txdurk says:

never mind. I just heard the answer to my question.

txdurk says:

Are these M. Rosenbergii or another variety?

BigBearHuskyMusher says:

I had the same question. Also do you raise /breed them. Any where I can find more info on breeding them in a 300 gallon aquaponics system? Can I grow them in a float/raft aquaponics system or will they escape out of the 12″ side walls by climbing up the roots of the plants to the outside of the sytrofoam? Can they be raised in the main 300 gallon tank alone and produce enough amonia to supply the plants enough Nitrates? I would much rather eat prawn then fish so if there’s a way?

Candoract says:

how long does it take to full grow these little monsters? Could this be set up as an aquaponic system?

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