Global Shrimp Market Analysis & Forecast by Export, Import

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Shrimp is a widely consumed seafood species which belongs to the largest class of crustaceans, called Malacostraca. Shrimp is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is used to overcome weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve bone and brain health, relieves eye fatigue, and also helps to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. It also has good level of protein and very low fat. According to Renub Research Global Shrimp Market is expected to be US$ 24.1 Billion by 2026.

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Growing income level and rising demand for shrimp products among consumers across the globe is driving its market. Governments in many countries are encouraging shrimp production by giving incentives to farmers and by offering fiscal reliefs. Globally, Ecuador is the Largest Exporter of Shrimp; besides China and Vietnam. Among consuming countries, the United States is the largest consumer of Shrimp. Global Shrimp aquaculture production by species L. vannamei, P. monodon, M.rosenbergii, and Others has also been covered in this report.

Renub Research report titled “Global Shrimp Market by Export, Import, Production, Consumption, (Countries: India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Ecuador, United States, Europe, Spain, France, Japan, Species (L. vannamei, P. monodon, M. rosenbergii, Other), Size (>70, 61-70, 51-60, 41-50, 31-40, 26-30, 21-25, 15-20,

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