Happy Shrimp Farm Shrimps

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Happy Shrimp Farm Shrimps. Production: YCK

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0mybutterflies0 says:

This makes me wanna have shrimps!

MsTheresaKelly1 says:

That’s what I want to know! How do you keep shrimp alive? What do they eat?

nooloo3000 says:

how the hell do you keep them alive

Koshy2 says:

What song is that you have playing for this video?

Sounds pretty good.

UncleFugu says:

What the hell? I just asked you an inoffensive question and I get this asinine internet bravado for it? Mind blowing to think that you lot are adults!

alkh0bani says:

why are you mad ? did i hurt your feeling uncle shrimp HA! i didnt know that shrimps are youtibin

UncleFugu says:

You could get eaten in the end as well, you don’t know, do you?

alkh0bani says:

shrimps are most stupid creatures on earth

they dont know they will be eaten in the end ..haha

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