Home RAS for Prawns

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A home recirculating aquaculture system for growing freshwater prawns or other aquatic species.

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99keltin says:

where did you buy them from?

Natcoast says:


Natcoast says:

Epoxy fish safe paint from Aquatic Ecosystems, Inc.

Natcoast says:

No. Giant freshwater prawns. Macrobrachium rosenbergii.

tsinbeng ma says:

your tank is coated with boat paint or fiber glass?

tsinbeng ma says:

man how many pumps did u use hahaha

tsinbeng ma says:

how did you make that type of siphon sorry for being dumb

tsinbeng ma says:

is that white shrimp?

BigBearHuskyMusher says:

how cold of water can those giant shrimp live in?

Tommy Snare says:

have u ever looked into aquaponics with the shrimp instead of the filtering system ?

DjSaneR says:

How much prawn can you produce in a tank that size?

beastlydude247 says:

Good Vid. Are you raising the Prawn? What kind of weather can you raise these in?

Jon Tomlinson says:

Very nice set up. where did the venturi come from?

diverdoyle says:

where did you get the venturi at ? thanx for the video

sexy52637 says:

I love you :) 

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