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How It’s Made Farmed Shrimp | Information on Shrimp Farms
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How It’s Made Farmed Shrimp

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How It’s Made season 27 Farmed Shrimp #HowItsMade episode 9.


AdventuresOfHero says:


Khanh Tran says:

The shrimp come pre-seasoned lol

aya_scratch says:

Shrimp are LITERALLY sea cockroaches

Power Inqu'aanate says:

I never knew they farmed them, this is so much better than dredging the sea.

Awonycoy Huggywuggy says:

The shrimp that they just cut up and pulled a liver out of was in good

PK-JIN says:

Sheltered, naive “animal rights” activists in 3… 2…
oh wait.

LivvieLynn says:

Never knew how cute they are alive. D:

Russia CCCP says:

This comment section is fucking sad. Apparently it is terrible to take an
organ out of an animal that can’t feel pain.

Adam S says:

this is probably the only shrimp farm that actually raises shrimp in clean

Nicholas Williams says:

Cool so they take a growing shrimp and rip out his liver o_o

Karen smith says:

At 2:47 they just ended the shrimps life so quickly… the needle just dug
its organs out so fast IDEK…

flo wer says:

why are people so butthurt about their liver getting removed…ffs theyre
gonna die sooner or later anyway.

lsedanolg says:

For those of you who don’t know, fish eat poop

Moneygetjealous says:

Shrimp taste like shit. I rather eat veal all day long baby!!!

dahnyasaur says:

i don’t eat fish, bUT THIS IS SO INTERESTING

Cici Chocoholic says:

still animal cruelty i say

Lucas Layton says:

Are you all just plain ignorant? These shrimp farms are a major hazard to
both the environment and the local population. People are threatened and
assaulted and driven away from their homes so shrimp farmers can take the
perfect location for making shrimp ponds. This industry has been compared
to the blood diamond industry. I can’t believe this vid talks about it so
light-heartedly. Disgusting.

Jasmine Ju says:

3:18 What do they feed them? Tamarin?

Raptin 159 says:

To all the animal rights activists, stfu they are dumb af and are extremely
delicious when seasoned

Brandon Pan says:

Organic fertilizer? Literally piss

Spaghetti says:

How big does a shrimp have to be before it’s considered a small lobster?

Bill c says:

Do not eat seafood source from China

Gryxll says:

Shrimp are literally fucking aquatic bugs.
I can’t even think about eating crab because they remind me of colossal
Also crab mouths are things of nightmates.

MPSC Guru says:

Is this Bikini Bottom?

Saturns.stars says:

it’s almost 2:00am, what I’m I doing with my life

Ram Seda says:

These are the most well fed shrimps I know…

Joe N. says:

How does “How Its Made” talk about these places like they are
gum-drop-and-rainbows innocent. The VAST majority of shrimp farms keep
GROSSLY overpopulated enclosures with even worse conditions. The enclosures
normally teem with disease. These bred shrimp are swimming in their feces!
There are many more reports of people getting sick from Farm Shrimp than

Lando Lucas says:

Ummmmmm pretty sure this model doesn’t properly represent the cesspools
that are reality… the water gets so polluted that an average shrimp pond
only lasts 3 years before the pool is so contaminated with antibiotics and
wastes that nothing but algae can live in the water. I stopped eating
shrimp when I found out how nasty they are… good luck getting wild shrimp
at your local grocery store. Not to mention all the ecological damage it
causes the land from salt water saturation

Juan Winner says:

I have japanese shrimps in my aquarium tank. They are quite funny to watch.
Especially when feeding them.

Gryxll says:

I’d like to release a baracuda into that pond.
I’d get the same satisfaction one would get from knocking over a house of
cards that someone else put allot of effort into erecting.

Fritz Asuro says:

Don’t eat poultry and sea foods if you are disgusted with the process! And
once majority of people stop “needing” it, obviously the production will
slow down and halt.

Humans forgot that they need to eat (meat and veg). I will still eat meat
and fish as my body needs it. You have your own choice if you don’t want
to. So stop whining how “cruel” the process is.

ragnarox16 says:

For the greater good I must break you in half, stab and remove your liver,
then smush it to ensure the safety of your friends and family…


bushpilot223 says:

Lol. The aquarium fish video has a bunch of dislikes because they are
mishandled, but there’s no rage on this video, and they literally rip the
shrimp open while it’s alive and extract its liver. Lol. Kind of like how
people don’t think twice about killing an ant or a fly, but they have
feelings for other animals.

Who Else but Zane? says:

they skipped the whole killing part

Anonymous User says:

this place looks janky. I get my shrimp from Walmart

Kidperfect says:

I watch your Chanel on Discover

Emmie Ana Ray says:

The vegans are having a field day with this video. Damn. It’s
scientifically proven. Fish/ prawns etc. do not have the brain capacity to
deal fear or pain. They do not possess the part of the brain necessary to
feel these emotions. They’re basically like zombies. Eat and swim eat and
swim. Have a shag eat and swim. Calm the fuck down.

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