How To Open A Durian – Organic Red Prawn Variety

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Bao Sheng Durian Farm is where we filmed this video.

PinExt How To Open A Durian   Organic Red Prawn Variety
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Kevin The Vegan Kid says:

Is red prawn sweeter than gan yao?

danny boy says:

i thought you said your fav was the gan yow durian ?? apoligies for the

Plumbingtheworld says:

that dog sounds like it’s changing a tyre at the formula 1.

T Brown says:

Durianrider. What is your take on herbs and supplements? Many people
benefit from taking these supps.

Blake Johnson says:

whyyyy does durian smelll so bad 

befruitie says:

Paulina! Bao sheng was sooo nice! 

Ultimate Evolution says:

Durian Safari 2015!

Heidi Pedersen says:

Wiiiiii…..durian safari! I’m in! 

Ben Patterson says:

Whats Durian smell like ?

Erin Virginia says:

Are you and Freelee still together?

savanna garcia says:

Is freelee not with you?

ZeBeFruity says:

will durian make you fat?

Kristopher Sweeney says:

Durianrider the cooked food addict. Makes me cry.

nyabingi says:

I’m going next year can’t wait!! durian binge!!

William Swift says:

Paulllinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! <3 I Miss her so much! She is the sweetest
fruitarian of them all! 

Allan's Fruity World says:

Thanks Durianrider. Keen to share a durian or 2 (more like 10) with u and
the other carb lovers next festival. Carbs in possibly its tastiest form :) 

Richard Reynolds says:

The open fruit looks like pods from a si-fi movie 

serre50 says:

what does it taste like?

ShawnandStefan says:

Your starting to look a lot Healthier what are you doin different in
Thailand? Not that you didn’t always look healthy just I can notice a big

Catriona Halliday says:

Lol funnny dog bark!! Im going out to finde durian in vancouver canada
tomorow morning. Im a bit woried about accidently buying the chemicaly one
tho. Wish me luck guys! Nice vlog

Miriam Uth says:

durian belly, got D9´s and D24`s sounds like a super filling for racing

Jon athan says:

that harley howling for durian meat. excited much?!!! haha

Charles Gibson says:


nocturnalrectum says:

The dog sounds like pulse blending!

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