kahala from the shrimp farm

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testing color response of a 1/2 oz. ceramic lure in a aqua culture tank with just fed Kahala/Amberjack www.markwhitelures.com

PinExt kahala from the shrimp farm
tafbutton blue16 kahala from the shrimp farm


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mrtoady2 says:

Not bad. That pond looks a little fished out. :P

Reminds me of the OTEC setups they have on BigIsland. I think their Kahala are out in ocean pens tho.

whiteykauai says:

Yes, Kauai’s shrimp farm where they’ll be growing Moi, Kahala, clams and shrimp. Very nice operation.

alawaiman says:

Cool,,what was that? Fish farm on Kauai? For Kahala? No better tasting fish than that?

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