Norway to build semi-submersible fish farms by 2020

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Norway Royal Salmon is all set to build a remote-controlled fish pen in Arctic waters.The company has unveiled plans to build a semi-submersible fishing farm off the coast of Norway by 2020.The farm consists of a top and bottom section, each with a buoyant pontoon ring supported by 16 columns. More than half the structure will be submerged underwater.According to the project’s website, salmon will be grown 10 to 40 meters beneath the surface of the water, to limit exposure to sea lice and algae.They will live in a large net in the bottom section that drapes down 40 meters from the lower pontoon, while a roof net will prevent fish from swimming to the top section.To accommodate the fish, four decompressors will be added in the support columns to create air pockets.The fish farm will also make use of an automatic feeder that would release fish feed underwater one to three times a day.Each column will have camera and oxygen sensors to monitor the salmon. The sensors will transmit data to an onboard server, which is connected by fiber optic cable to a crewed barge 400 meters from the farm, according to IEEE Spectrum.Once the salmon weigh 1.5 kilograms, they will be moved to open ocean pens, where they will remain for 10 to 11 months before being harvested.According to IEEE Spectrum, the fish farm could help meet Norway meet growing demands for salmon as the country’s third largest export is salmon.

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