Ohio Shrimp Farming — Our Ohio show 318

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Ohio Shrimp farmers are producing fresh seafood. Ohio now has about 25 shrimp farms scattered around the state. We travel to a farm in New London to experience a shrimp harvest. From Our Ohio show 318, produced in 2008.

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RacerEckss says:

I had NO idea!!!!! I’m on a mission now. No chef in Ohio can do these little guys justice like me and my boys can!

jmbnntt054 says:

I live in lagrange ohio and would be interested in starting a shrimp and talapia farm any infio would be much appreaciated contact info? maybe set up a visit to your farm Than you!

grandmastermicochero says:

do you have a address or phone number i can call you ?? love to get started with some shrimp ,, im already raising tilapia :) 

74akae says:

its so intresting am Ali from kenya i wish i could get some idea about shrimp farm keep it up i love it

trianglepoints says:

Hi loved your program I am from findlay,ohio would like to grow some shrimp how do i buy the ? fry (hatchling’s) ..can rain water be used,will they die in city water// appreciate your response.

pyoder1 says:

So your saying that by growing 800 pounds of product, you feel justified in reducing the 8 billion dollar trade deficit in aquaculuture? I think your less than a needle in a haystack.

CoralMan24 says:

I would have never thought there would be aquaculture in Ohio like that.

marshallbentley says:

Looks like slow go to me??

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