Organic Farming – A Success Story in Tamil Nadu, India

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Nice Documentary to learn all about Organic farming.

PinExt Organic Farming   A Success Story in Tamil Nadu, India
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M Dastur says:

nice video, but can you please not have background music because it is very
difficult to hear the commentary

Henry Rights says:

thanks for sharing =] nice intro =) yeah go organic! chemicals kill

vivek tyagi says:


selvam qc says:

highly valuable info

Tulsidas Varma says:

very informative , keep it up 


excelled demo sir

Subhash shrivastava says:

very informativ,keep it farming is must.

Pannirselvan Pannir says:

Good Informative please share to people.



suave tribe says:

very impressive work by our farmers! thanks for the video.

sri nidhi says:

very intersting

PALANISAMY Ayyappan M.S says:

a nano technology organic product by name CUMACIN AND FLORIGENE. These can
be used for all plants and to control all deceases. These will also
increases yield by 20% to 100% depends on the crops. It is an organic
certified product from India.

Paul Raj says:

He is the right organic scientist. It is the need of the hour or else
hospitals will be on rise

Rajagopal Raja says:
narayanamoorthy vanamamalai says:
Rajaprabu Ramasamy says:

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