Plank Road Garlic Butter Prawns recipe

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On a gorgeous autumn evening, we parked a few prawns on a couple of Nature’s Choice cedar planks after stuffing them with a green onion / garlic butter mixtu…

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Erna Kurniawan says:

Love it..

GANZOP says:

OMG, when you opened the grill!!!! they looked soooo good!!!!

Ahmed Ghamdi says:

Looks delicious & tasty, bon appetite.

Kevin McRae says:

OMG… got to try these ! 

sir bruzz says:

Very very nice brow…i like your style

Nikolas Veriato says:

Gr8 recipe.

slobomotion says:

Yeah, kinda. A lot of people have food intolerances (gluten is typical) and
don’t know it. I sure do like it when I indulge! Hee hee hee hee!! I guess
it is forbidden fruit!!!!! xo

SmokeyGoodness says:

Thank you, We really appreciate it!

SmokeyGoodness says:

If you do a prawn breakfast, please do film it! Your skill will help insure
that the Denny’s and IHOP’s might learn something! (They need all the help
they can get)!

michael landry says:

i see mrs smokeygoodness is a good cook too!

Richard Blaine says:

That is some delicious looking shrimp right there man! I gotta break out my

SmokeyGoodness says:

Station 7 was surprisingly busy yesterday! I actually made 3 seperate clips
with sirens screaming. Sure is loud around here.

elrabbitsbbq says:

lol @ the outtake! but man talk about a beauty of a dish. well it all
looked good but those prawns where the bomb!

Amy Lynn's Kitchen says:

LOL, 3, 2, 1… here comes “Smokey”Goodness. Loved the ending, ha ha. Those
prawns look awesome! So easy to make and yet so delicious! Great table of
food there Mr SmokeyGoodness! Have a blessed week!

SmokeyGoodness says:

You’re right about the Ube soup, my friend! I tried it just after I turned
off the camera, and I became instantly addicted to it! It almost begs doing
a video of… It’s most definitely on my radar!

Melika candemir says:

How do you split the prawns ?

SmokeyGoodness says:

Thanks Ron! This might be one of the best comments I’ve yet received! If
you DO get some planks, be sure to buy them from Larry at Nature’s Choice!
The best planks for the absolute best price! I’ve purchased planks from
various other stores, etc in the past. Nothing else comes close to Nature’s
Choice… I’m sounding like an announcer here, I know, but whenever I find a
great product, I like to let everyone know! Thanks for your continued
support! I have an announcement coming soon!

slobomotion says:

Oh, no, shellfish! My gout is screaming at the thought of it! Wow, they
look wonderful!! Uprated. Appreciate the methods shown here, which do help
me on the rare occasions I bbq.

SmokeyGoodness says:

It was! Even the Sweet (purple) Potato Soup! My wife surprised me with
that! Thanks for watching!

BolognaRingRanch says:

Whoa! That rocks, Dan! A feast fit for kings,my friend! jeff

Ballistic BBQ says:

Great video Dan! Just great!!! Wassup with Gary? PM me… Thumbs up!

BigMeat Sunday says:

OK so I cook like a denny’s short order dude.. But… I have good taste :-)
cheers boroher man!

TitoJorge says:

Hey Dan, that Purple Yam (Sweet Potato – AKA Ube) soup looked pretty good
… I always thought this was strange until I ate some … but I absolutly
LOVE Ube Ice Cream … I mean who in the U.S. ever heard of making Ice
Cream out of Yams??? Anyway have you ever tasted Ube Ice Cream? If not you
are missin’ something outta your life! Try some!

veno says:

You got my subscription … Cool recipe

BigMeat Sunday says:

YEA !!!! Prawns For Breakfast… Id do it Right now if I had the option!
Looks awesome Smokie Gooodness Guy!

Food Porn Network says:

@SmokeyGoodness 666 Really? lol

Food Porn Network says:

MMM good looking food prawn heheh looks great! Thanks for the wishes Dan
and Mrs Smokey Goodness lady and son lol

ManCaveMeals says:

Another awesome cook :) The entire meal looked fantastic!

PismoBeach says:

What a great idea that is! Mercy’s Channel. “For The Love of Mercy”

Easy Cooking with Sandy says:

0:15, Just started watching and I’m already drooling over my keyboard!!!!
Seriously I think I would eat all those by myself! :D they loook amazing
Dan! and like always, everything on your table looks Terrific!

SmokeyGoodness says:

Yes. Every time is a good time to ‘cue!

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