Prawn brain with brinjal recipe

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Prawn head ½ kg
Brinjal 1 pcs
Green chili as you like
Solt 2 pinch
Turmeric powder 1 pinch
Cumin powder ½ tea spoone
Onion 1small pcs.
Clove of Garlic 1pcs.
Oil 4 teaspoone

Separate the head from the prawn and wash the head
Again separate the hard part from the soft part of head and keep in a small bowl
Add ½ cup water and well mixed by hand
After that take a sieve and separate the mixed water

Wash the Brinjal and Cut into small pieces
Add 2green chili with the Brinjal
Cut the onion and garlic in small pieces
Add the oil in the pan and keep 2 minutes
And add onion, garlic and green chill on the oil
Keep it till the onion colour change in brown tone
Now add the brinjal keep mixing and add salt, turmeric powder
Mixed it 3minute and add the prawn head water that you separate
Keep it for cooking 5 to 10 minute
When the water will be almost finished and well mixed with the brinjal add the cumin power
Mixed it and keep it again for cooking 2 minutes
Now the curry is ready for serve with rice

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