Python caught hiding in garage roof to ‘escape angry dogs’

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A terrified python was found coiled in a garage roof in Chachoengsao, Thailand on Wednesday (October 9).

Footage showed the 16ft long snake wrapped tightly around the metal beams of the car port.

Resident Sayun Poomrueng, 35, heard his two pets dogs angrily barking at the intruder – which he said had taken flight to avoid being bitten by them.

Rescuer workers arrived and used a long rod to pull the serpent down before putting it in the sack.

Sayun, a shrimp farm owner, believes that the snake had slithered up to safety after being chased by his pet dogs which were protecting his home from the snake.

He said: “I heard my dogs barking when I came home this morning. When I went to see what had happened, I saw they were staring at the rood. I looked up and saw the big python stuck there.

“I think it must have been scared by my dogs and slithered up to the roof. Fortunately, neither my cat nor dog was strangled or eaten by it.

”The snake was more scared of them because they were protecting my home.”

The rescuers drove away with the python, which will be released back into the wild.

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