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RAS is now commonly used in many countries for production of high valued fishes such as groupers,marble goby,soft shell crab and etc.

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jgore27 says:

GEOMETRY of your diagrams please! How BIG is it?? really? Tanks for example
would be nice.

KiviZ says:

what is new in this? it seems very simple

Eng-Wah Khoo says:

The central pipe is for discharge and overflowing.

tsinbeng ma says:

what is that pipe in the middle of the tank

Mathias Müller says:

Really good system, with a really good feeder an ideal supplement ;)

Michael Green says:

More than 40 percent of all the fish consumed each year are now raised on
land-based or ocean-based aquafarms where fish spend their entire lives in
cramped, filthy enclosures and where many suffer from parasitic infections,
diseases, and debilitating injuries.

chee hian tee says:


Георгий Пионер says:

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