Red Cherry Shrimp Colony

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Another short video of my growing red cherry shrimp aka Neocaridina heteropoda var colony in my 55 gallon planted aquarium. In this video they are climbing o…

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aloyalblue1 says:

Really enjoy your shrimp tank set-up!

sneaksta808 says:

Sick tank bro

zakartaz says:

hi raymond, sorry to hear abt ur shrimp. is this a shrimp only tank? what is ur water like?

Bryce Perry says:

I recently had about 10 cherry shrimp and they all died off one by one within about a week or two. You know why??


k thx

zakartaz says:

Thank you, yes I will.

zakartaz says:

Thanks, don’t try to imagine it… just look at mine ;)

zakartaz says:

1 – 10 gallon, 1 – 55 gallon, 1 – 75 gallon. 3 in total.

zakartaz says:

Thanks ;)

zakartaz says:

Thank you, I got them from eBay.

zakartaz says:

Thank you :) 

zakartaz says:

yes sir, with thread. 


nice cherry shrimp…just subbed u can u sub me thx

catsma97504 says:

Great set up. I cannot imagine a 55G shrimp tank!

AquaticGardening says:


AquaticGardening says:

@zakartaz How many tanks do you

GroinStabbingPro says:

Fat females ftw.

bm20197 says:

very nice, ive been loooking for some red cherrys but my LFS is allways out.

Juan Chong says:


spudsssy says:

Did you tie the weeping moss to a rock?

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