Shrimp Farming In Vietnam

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My trip to Vietnam last September

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That water is nasty!
Thats the last thing i want to eat!
I call it a water rat!

Daniel Pan says:

Sorry oxygen. And the way that these big companies do it really destroyed the ecosystem so bad they have to abandon many fish farms in Thailand but repeat again now by the same companies in Vietnam. It is greed that drives them. Now not all seafood product from US is good either most if not all Salmon is packed with antibiotic too if it is not wild caught. Like the Bible said the love of money is the root of all evil.

Daniel Pan says:

Look guys, I understand your concern and I agree that if you are in the States you shouldn’t eat shrimps or any fish from China or Vietnam because they are banned by Europe. But as far as I can tell there is a good chance that this video shows the best farming method called extensive which is low density less than 20 per m2 and no feed at all or natural feed like shell. Most exports are from big company in which density is above 500 per m2 and antibiotic and oxigen

SonnyREast says:

Your spot on with that.
These shrimp are fed antibiotics to keep them alive in such unsanitary conditions.
In turn they are immune to diseases that we are not.
Louisiana,or Florida shrimp Is the way to go.
If you wanna get fancy, Alaska.

SnuggeryBuggery says:

I wouldn’t touch that seafood with rubber gloves on. Vietnam has the worst track record of food rejected at inspection; fish farmed in sewage, literally fed sewage from farm animals and people, pumped full of antibiotics, and live in/near the Mekong delta, one of the most polluted waterways on earth.

susovendu says:

Truly Said Bro…!!!

chauda11 says:

Not everyone needs excess money to live a happy life.

Chia Kee Same says:

nice size fresh water prawn…expensive in Malaysia…

Atomicomet says:

all in a communist country lol

mlghackerifyme says:

o my……… that looks good.

Cảnh Nguyễn says:

Ui má ơi. Nướng tôm tại ao ak???

Willzshow2012 says:

I hate racist people with there comments they retarted as shit

binzsta86 says:

DU MA I want some shrimp!!

Vn2Doky says:

Vietnam is badass !

brickarms123 says:

shut up chineses people

Authenictruthoid says:

Thank you trongers for telling me about this video. I liked it.

trumptite1 says:

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newyork1655 says:

wow !!! i want to do this for living !!!! =), why did you keep the small ones ?

solarpanellights says:

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biggunzcdb says:

tiny little shrimp come to savanah and ill show you some 18ct jumbos

Calvin Le says:

one of these guys sound like my uncle

mojoboe says:

Holy Smoke! Those shrimp are friggin huge!!

CheakyGirl2000 says:

Like if you understood everything they said

pedro infante says:

because the army send a bunch of stoner drug addicts to war

riotofdablood says:

maybe they shock them or something ?

19Jones91 says:

Is that a car battery and a container of gasoline in that bucket floating around?

sunkinturn234 says:

trolol dude your a retard, obviously you have no idea what your on about -.-

Danh Nguyen says:

Arrogance did you in, you judged a book by it’s cover, and it came to bite you back in the ass…

jm30496 says:

how did we lose to these people?

naileamazon says:

I wonder what they feed the shrimp ?

Chunkyz209 says:

Dam looks good

SWEdemolition says:

they taught you this in school today? Everything is not always in the worst possible way, you know.

0wnage1111 says:

4:07 Red Honda Cap lmao

Kevin Alexander says:

btw where was this?

Kevin Alexander says:

dude I’m going to vietnam in 2 weeks!!! My last time there was 6 years ago so im excited as a mofo! I hope the country is still like this, how i remembered it, beautiful, and simple yet happy way of life. Id be disappointed if its industrialized now..

Rosa Torres says:

@TheJhon6969 Lmfao

VNSki says:

This is not outsourcing. I’m sure they don’t shrimp farm in Denmark.

scooterunderwood says:

Those are huge!

TheJhon6969 says:

Ching chong want some ding dong in his bing bong

kramenna says:

prawns lol

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