Shrimp Farming vs Wild Shrimp | Improving Your Diet

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What is better to eat, farmed or wild shrimp? Shrimp farms have a bad image, but how about wild caught shrimp. I say avoid most wild. Stick to the small shrimp boats. My Central Channel: My facebook http Twitter for my restaurant: My personal Twitter: My Restaurant website: My restaurant YouTube channel: My wine & beer YouTube channel: Guiliano, Chef and Owner of Aroma Thyme Bistro located in Ellenville, NY in the scenic Hudson Valley. Aroma Thyme is know for their “stealth health”(Zagat). The Bistro has an award-winning wine list from Wine Spectator Magazine and over 200 beers. Aroma Thyme is certified green by The Green Restaurant Association. Support Hudson Valley Restaurants.

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flybuyfilms says:

Now you said this almost a year ago, and it may have cycled through to life cycle of the shrimp. What I mean by this is you feed the animal life the feed with the bad items in it and the life changes and multiples. Now this would take some time to cycle out of the life. GMO items take five cycles to remove the bad items from the DNA. I just don’t know how the cycles work for Shrimp. But that for the information of the now standard. 

wehippos says:

Hey I just want to say thank you for this video. I’ve been a strict vegetarian for years but am considering eating seafood again and am concerned with it’s effects on the environment. My inclination was to eat farmed shrimp because of the by-catch but everything made farmed shrimp out to be horrible. And every website seems very biased. Your video defiantly helped clear some stuff up, thanks.

vietgangz says:

you say shrimp farms have a bad image and in the video you say to avoid farm shrimp too. but in the fucking video description you say ” i say avoid most wild.” you sound retarded just posting this video. you contracting yourself every step of the ways. you bitch! oh y ou say to stick to wild shrimp in the end. but you also say. ” stick to the small shrimp boats” int he comment. you dumbass. hhahahaah that would be catching wild shrimp dumb fucke rhahah fag

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