Shrimp Farming

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Shrimp Farming -Southern Regional Aquaculture Center – Product 297 – The life history of saltwater shrimp is presented with illustrations of how aquaculturists have adapted these for intensive production. Hatchery and growout methods are presented which indicate the most important aspects of the industry. The work reported in this publication was supported in part by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center through Grant No. 2006 38500 16977 from the US Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES)

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TheBaconeaterz says:

sea monkeys

amaarzzz says:

My Farming level is 99.

amaarzzz says:

nice 1 roonscape :P

xxdarkheartsxx says:

shrimp lovers watch this <3


xxdarkheartsxx says:

My fishing level is 100 with the skillcape.

iprawiro says:

Nice educational video! Thank you for posting ;_))

blackopsking81 says:

so is your likes oh wait im 100 beyoch

flipp3d says:

What happens when the oceans run out of shrimp?

flipp3d says:

Virginity is strong in this one.

AlexMau5 says:

my future job.

FunnyLooking77 says:

the narrater sounds like a smoker

Purcader222 says:

Americans hating on Celsius… do they really not understand how bad their own system is?

Erik M.S. says:

Couldn’t help, but thinking of Forest Gump, when I saw the title of this video xD Hahaha

junkerdunk says:

Why should we risk overfishing them in the ocean instead of raising them ourselves?

chrissydude1 says:

Why would I be mad at a middle-aged woman for having a job? In today’s economy, I’m glad for ANYONE who has a job. Did you ever consider that maybe it’s because her voice is just a little too…. annoying for this kind of video? A high pitched voice doesn’t go very well with an educational topic that’s not too interesting to begin with. I even SAID my reasoning behind why I would want to do that, but obviously you’re too lazy and/or stupid to have noticed that.

datzfast says:

fucking jerk, why would you do that for? i know what your fucking problem is. she is over fifty and has a job and you dont.

datzfast says:

market a shrimp mcnugget at mcdonalds and i think you will hit a home run market niche

Reid Harper says:

ahhh farm shrimp…taste like shit cause thats what they feed them. this also kill familys, jobs, communitys,…. USA should stop importing shrimp and farm raising it and start working for it out on that water!!

hyptormors says:


JeffroTV says:


piccolopeteisme says:

Why do so many people watch things and comment when they obviously have no interest in the subject to begin with? No I do not want to punch the narrator in the face. Centigrade is an accepted measurement of temperature. Shrimp are eaten by sticking them in your mouth and chewing. No, the guy didn’t stroke a shrimp, but I’m sure you did when you wrote that. You got here because you are an idiot troller. I don’t even understand some of the comments.

Niall Higgins says:

if its from the U.S.A. why is it in Centigrade not Fahrenheit

squezey1 says:

I wonder how shrimp are eaten every day in the world?

selm says:

4:10 did that guy just stroke the shrimp?

monkeyboy4746 says:

Too many ciggies.

telsys says:

That’s a Shrimp Holocaust LOL

goo6 says:

How did I get here?

Lilaan says:

i wonder if shrimp would be a good specimen for aquaponics

Kcorp2003 says:

those things recreate oceanic water and shrimp environment in nature. the ocean has a lot of minerals in it too.

ckottong says:

Ingredients for Shrimp Water: 1 part Seawater. 0 Parts Stuff that kills Shrimp. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN PUT THINGS THAT ARENT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THERE ON THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS!?!?

AwesomeLPSRules says:

And is that all they do? Make shrimp mate each other then use their kids :/

AwesomeLPSRules says:

This mating thing is completly gross

AwesomeLPSRules says:

Sorta, just need a better voice geez its getting on my nerves -__-

ecir10gampkidz says:

My Farming level is 99.

SangHyung9194 says:

bubba would love this

bukifuriku says:

This video could as well be called “How to start your own shrimp farm”


Looks like Goa’uld

vidzftw says:

matchuration lol

ToTeff says:

Prawns mate!

1HellOfAnAzn says:

I believe it’s Runescape.

lokalkakan says:

Is this not for the enviroment since it`s much less cost then growing cows

lokalkakan says:

In what game, if skyrim you rock if wow your a noob.

Bronco46tube says:

I doubt it.

elleanarchy says:

at the environments expense

laskolasko says:

I’m lieutenant dan, see if you can keep up with me, ya gumps

jordan3649 says:

Fisherman: “How many pounds we got?
2nd Fisherman: “Over 9,000″
Nerd Fisherman: :::Laughs, slips on a shrimp, falls off boat:::

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