Spicy Coconut Shrimp Bisque Recipe – Cajun Asian Shrimp Bisque

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Learn how to make a Spicy Coconut Shrimp Bisque Recipe! Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2011/06/spicy-coconut-shrimp-bisque-its-besh.html for the ingred…

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Allexander DM says:

why would you want a very annoying dog?

goibee says:

What’s wrong with the farmed type out of curiosity?

CherikaBadra says:

my hubby hates coconut, could I leave it out and not hurt it. 

Patrick Morra says:

dude, I am going to use the prawns that I can get. If they are farmed, so be it…

damatrix1001 says:

I leave a post-war scene after making chicken noodle soup. Can’t imagine what my kitchen will look like after this.

guyincocknito says:

this recipe is insane! i love it! I want to cook it!

Mike Saechao says:

I did it and is was hello good tho ! Thank

Chino Ciciliane says:

Jokes??!! Any time anywhere… U rock!!!!

Christina Villegas says:

You can tell he’s smiling when he says enjoy. Love it

cougarhunter33 says:

I’m obviously a masochist.

I’ve watched an hour of this channel before I’ve had breakfast, and I subscribed so I can find more later. 

David Ragsdale says:

in his blog he recommends just running hot tap water over the bowl you’re gonna use for 20 seconds.

PlateauEast says:

I feel like I should ask because Chef John often makes a big deal about it… what is the best way to heat your bowls or plates? Is there anything to watch out for?

Jeremy Kofler says:

I’ve made this several times now, making it again tonight with lobster and shrimp (my wife’s request for Christmas). Excellent job as always Chef John.


I guess I made it more than 6 times :) it is sooooo delicious

Ellis Shapiro-Barnum says:


gohindha89 says:


MissVictoriaMB says:

Oh my. This look deeeelish!!!

OnepieceDBZ65 says:

@1:18 its shrimp shit for ppl wondering :P

Cutesvetik says:

I made this at list 6 times now and my husband and I love it. Thanks so much Chef John for grate recipes

acharles331 says:

“oh by the way, that’s not a vein” lol

v1p3rk1ll says:

wats the reason for not using SEA prawn?

bradleasays says:

my dog sounds like carl from aqua teen hunger force. i think most dogs do.

jinkee1877 says:

this has gotten me really hungry!!! should try it later… has anyone of you guys tried the recipes from facebook like Real Japanese Recipes, Real Thailand Food Recipes, Real Vietnamese Recipes, Real Malaysian Recipes or Real Indian Food Recipes..? i tried a few and it was absolutely delicious… anyway, happy cooking and happy eating guys! :)

13royalgirl says:

Wow, am eating this right now and it is amazing! :)

heymrager says:

your voice reminds me of remmy from ratatouille

Dan Webster says:

Dude that looks awesome. Gonna try that!

VoreTechz1985 says:

Roll it up like a cigar…. OR SOMETHING ELSE….
I see what you did there!!!

andiec01 says:

what makes tomato soup soup, and not just sauce?

Datamike says:

Looks absolutely delicious. Going to try this out soon, if I can get my hands on my prawns.

ruhijohn says:

delicious recipe. yhank u chef john……..

OneManRav3 says:


Illumiinaatii says:

“roll it up like a cigar… or something else..” ohh John.

phatChika04 says:

I’m allergic to shellfish … why am i torturing myself by watching this?!!

zEquilibrium says:

the black non-vein stuff is poop :D 

Ninox Fernandos says:

awesome recipe its jst delicious :D

Sellennaaa says:

“roll it up like a cigar, or something else.” LLOLOLOLL OH CHEF JOHN!

Shante Whitfield says:


TheUnholyPosole says:

Excelent video! I would totally watch you if you were on tv. I was sold when you commented on rolling up basil like “something else”. You rock bruh!

Evilkitty64 says:

YUmmmy~~~ I’m trying this with crab 2nite

Rotorzilla says:

I will be making this tomorrow for lunch

Tabascopeppers says:

This looks so yummy. I found your channel a few days ago and love it. Love the funny comments, the drum ta ting thing. In this video the veins not being veins and the rolled up Basil looking like “something else was funny. Keep up the great work!

kassiusssss says:


Rouithes Lopez Perez says:

“Ofcourse you have to devein it!You don’t want veins, and by the way…that’s not vein” LOL. mouthwatering food + stomach-aching jokes= HEAVEN! LOL

scuba136 says:

wheres the canyenne!!!????

k7y7t7 says:

” …because it’s so delicious, it tastes like God…” WHHHAAAATTTTTTT??????

xLeoTony says:

i do my homework just to your voice, its pretty dam soothing :D

Corie Stern says:

That’s funny! Woof!!!!!!!!!!!

kdnm9996 says:

I like how you were like “that’s not a vein” haha

roodood says:

is it really poop?

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