Super Queen Dark Elixir Farming – Post-Update Farming Strategy

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You may have seen my previous video on Dark Elixir farming with the Archer Queen and Healers. the update has changed her AI a bit and she tends to wander. THIS is how to still score HUGE loot!\r
Original DE Farming Video: \r
Q: Does the Super Queen DE Farming strategy work after the latest Clash update?\r
Q: Im TH8 – can this work for me?\r
A: Youre missing a key component to this strategy. the Archer Queen. Stick to other strats like Barch, GiBarch, Giant-Healer, etc. and make sure to focus on your funneling. A couple wizards can blast straight to the core if you have tanks out front.\r
Q: Will this work with the Barbarian King?\r
A: No, it will not. The King does far less damage than the queen, and he has to be in melee range to do it. This makes accurate funneling nearly impossible. Secondly, and probably most important: your king being in melee range will drag the healers keeping him alive into range of the Air Defenses. The healers will not survive long, and neither will your hero when the healers are dead.\r

Q: Can I do this with a Level X Queen?\r
A: I didnt personally start doing this until my Queen was L15. so I dont have the personal experience to tell you one way or the other. But if you look at the comments on this video, youll see MANY people reporting success with Queens as low as Level 5, and healers as low as L3. I cant say I recommend those levels. but others have said theyre seeing tens of thousands of DE every day with them being that low. who am I to judge icon smile Super Queen Dark Elixir Farming   Post Update Farming Strategy One thing I can recommend, is if you have a low level queen (L10 or less), take some wall breakers to help her save time beating on walls. A jump spell for funneling emergencies never hurt either!\r
Q: What do I do when X Troops come out of the enemy Clan Castle?\r
A: Your hero can handle just about any clan castle composition with a lightning spell and/or the Royal Cloak ability. The exceptions to this are a PEKKA, or a group of max balloons. If you see a PEKKA or Max Loons. you end the raid immediately. Your hero surviving with full health is far more important than escaping the raid with any loot. Live to fight another day, friends!\r
Q: Where is the best league to do this strategy?\r
A: Because the Queen with a whole mob of healers on her is basically indestructible save for heavy CC burst damage, or infernos. You can do this in pretty much any league from Masters to Bronze. I would recommend hitting the lower leagues so you encounter bases with full Clan Castles less often, and therefore save on lightning spells.\r
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