The devastating truth behind shrimp farming

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In this film and following report, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) reveals the extent of the destruction caused by the shrimp farming industry. Our increased consumption of tropcial shrimp, also called prawns and sometimes scampi, can be traced to coastal regions in the tropic where ecosystem where the ecosystems have been devastated and people are living in miserable conditions, their human rights repeatedly violated. When an increased number of people choose tropical prawns in their curry, on their sushi or in their stir fry, it is causing increased environmental degradation and human suffering in producer countries, like Bangladesh. Don’t miss the short animated version of this movie “Keep tiger prawns off your plate” More information: Production company: Eco Storm

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Slovodon Milosovich says:

It is a pity that the bangladeshi people who suffers most. There should be other alternatives in this matter.

fenrirgg says:

Ripping bags of not desirable food is a costum in Japan, where stores hate to sell whale or dolphin meat because if the bag is ripped, nobody buys it.

Pakahen says:

Sure there are problems! However, this is such a distorted story. I have spent plenty of time doing research on shrimp farmers. Most of the farmers shifted to shrimp because of salinisation. As water demand grew, salinity from the ocean came further and further inland. Shrimp offered an alternative to agriculture, as the salt prevented crops to grow.
Regarding the sexual abuse. Horrible! However, this is an individual person/persons doings. Being a shrimp farmer doesn’t make you into a rapist.

Unratedrhr says:

this video is very effective i think, but instead of aiming it at general public, it should be aimed at government authorities to take action, because in countries like Bangladesh, the political bodies are all literally selfish thieves, but once the media get their hands on anything, its almost impossible to hide.

apoc6400 says:

I found this by accident cos i was curious about shrimp from this area. I think if i would have never flipped the bag over in walmart i would not have known this. from now on i will stop buying walmart shrimp. and search for ways to help. my heart goes out to the Bangladeshi people

virnieliza vera cruz says:

my god…shocking truth

Nebrox says:

The west needs a good supply of shrimp for our markets. They must come from somewhere.
The shrimp farming in Bangladesh should be promoted and encouraged.

lmcdowall says:

It is not just there.Farmed shrimp devastate the environment almost any where they are farmed. This is one example of many. 

amanofego says:

Sure hell ain’t eating prawns from here

Martiwashere says:

I’m sorry this is happening to you Bengali people. God bless you all!!!

kttolai says:

Luckily i dont eat shrimp or any other unclean animal… Its against my religion

jigilowman says:

and that is almost the same way most corporation behave this day.

nealers5 says:

This so called “development” benefits national GDP and looks good on an international economic level, but benefits mostly corporations. Wake up people, this is what “Development” looks like in the “third world” , yet industrial dominant continues to be the main method. It is time for food sovereignty. Allow people to determine what development is to them. Not corporate-led.

naturskyddsf says:

Thank you! Glad you “liked” the film. We agree with everything in you comment except for the very first part. Please try to comment on this with reason.

Ariffinhb says:

Kill all the shrimp farmers in Bangaladesh.Give back the farmers land.The population is in poverty added by those greedy ones.The Authority should do something about it.What a sad film but effective.

shanonfreek says:

And this makes me glad I’m one of those people who don’t eat shrimp or any other type of seafood like that.

zrcharlie1 says:

If this were happening to you, you’d have something to say about it! …at very least, speak out with your wallet.

pokledd says:

Great film, will definitely help spread it! So should everyone who cares about this planet.

QronoZ713 says:

this is horrible :C

jeppehoest says:

For every shrimp caught 50 juvenile fish will die.

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