The truth behind “organic” shrimp farming in Ecuador

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We have investigated so called environmental friendly shrimp farming in Ecuador, and our recommendation is simply: don’t eat tropical shrimp, even if they they are labelled “organic”! Read more:

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apoc6400 says:

good video thank u

PaulEiroEira says:

The report is a simplistic, superficial and unprofessional view of organic shrimp production initiatives, which clearly aims to negatively influence the public providing incomplete, imprecise, manipulated and misleading information!!

Nick Vachon says:

Yes, nobody is denying the benefits of organic food processing. However, these companies were clearly violating the policies of the Naturland license. If they failed to come any where near their expected reforestation rate to save costs, what else might they have done to cut costs or boost profits?

Nick Vachon says:

The report adressed the issue of poaching. You should be more thorough in your viewing.

Nick Vachon says:

If you look on the Naturland website there is no mention of their association with these shrimp companies. I can only assume that they cut their ties with the companies and denied their organic certification as a result of the reports made by the SSNC.

Defending your farms from poachers with fences and armed guards is a completely justifiable action. However, blocking access to public rivers to do so is not. The river belongs to all local people, not only the shrimp farmers.

vswilsoncanessa99 says:

I have a couple of questions for you: 1. Responsible newspapers, like the NYTimes, have ombudsmen to monitor the integrity of their reporters actions and stories. Do you have a similar function in your organization? Is your view of your mission more important than organizational pride? In other words are you capable of internal fact checking? Or will you circle your wagons and deny? (A tradition originally established by the organizations you like to rail against, I might p

vswilsoncanessa99 says:

3. Verification of river passage. This is very sloppy work, if you were illegally stopped, you should have taken a “notary lawyer” on your boat and asked that a “fiscal” accompany you on a second trip. Had you truly found illegal actions, your credibility is at stake, because you do nothing to report it to the authorities! In other words your people witness criminal behavior and DO NOTHING!? You don’t contact the authorities!? YOU are now almost as guilty and as the guilty?!

vswilsoncanessa99 says:

I just saw your report on organic prawns on YouTube.

I completely agree with what you want to do. But, your report seem to me to be very sloppy and incomplete reporting, to the point that your credibility is at stake with anyone who really would review your work:

1. Your report does not clearly identify conditions necessary for organic certification.
2. You state 70% of mangroves have been destroyed by shrimp farmers. This is very dramatic. However, you don’t document it nor verify it.  P

NaturlandVerband says:

Following intensive discussion and examination with our members and representative in Ecuador and after studying the report you can find a Naturland reply to the Swedish Society for Nature´s Publication on Certified Organic Shrimp Farming in Ecuador at the Naturland homepage at certified organic aquaculture (we are not able to post links here) or contact us.

jxamperros says:

thye put fences to stop rampant poaching
thieves are armed and do not hesitate to kill and kidnap! you should be more thorough in your research!

pyoder1 says:

I’m surprised that Natureland did not comment on this…. they are the primary certifiers of shrimp in Ecuador when it comes to Organic. What you fail to show in this video is the danger that these guards and farms are subject to, especially at night when pirates can come and attack and steal shrimp and equipment. These guards are not there for the fishermen, but for the danger of attack on the infrastructure. Organic means no antibiotic, and no chemical treatments, which is good!

vallisanstrom says:

This has to stop. The more we educate the public on the ecological issues the better and people will stop eatting shrimp. This is what needs to happen. People need to stop eatting unsustainably harvested shrimp.

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