Vid #12 – Small Scale Backyard Fish Farm and Greenhouse in Ohio

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System Overload! Thinning the herd.

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Tim Thomas says:

Increase your Air supply to your fish, this helps growth, good water, lots of Oxygen, and high protien feeds when they are young.

goosemfr54 says:

I would like to contact you by Personal e-mail here is my E-mail- drop me a note and I will get right back to ya.

Vincent Holland says:

What do you feed your fish? How often do you feed them?

TilapiaFarmer says:

Love it

Parker White says:


Thianro Uklian says:

Nice catch. Great work.

Primal Urge says:

Is that 1000 1 lb fish? How many gallons total?
You’re wife’s right, you’re nuts, but you’re nuts in an awesome and inspiring way.
Thanks for the info.

305D420 says:

you rock, inspirational stuff! youve got everything there pretty much. keep the video updates coming !!

russ22f says:

No studies. But I’ve gotten it from multiple sources including a veterinarian who consulted for a fish farm. If I come across a link, I will post it to your channel.

David Young says:

Really never heard that before… Do you have any studies and research to back up that ammonia stunts fish?

russ22f says:

Where did you buy your Tilapia? White Brook has good fingerlings. Also you need a lot of filter media for good water quality (1 to 2 liters of kaldnes per fish). Without the filter media, you can still have high ammonia levels even if you change water daily. this will stunt the fish growth.

Miles Stevenson says:

use this in your filters or those empty duck weed tank to fix your to remove nitrate along with ammonia and nitrite and you never have to replays it.
seachem Pond Matrix

Gladys Foster says:

I’d like to come over to spend some time working with you to see how you do things and get good results, I’ve had my fish for over a year and they’re still like juveniles, some are even like fingerlings. What do you think might be the problem? They seem happy as I make their feed and feed them twice a day, I change the water every other day but I put male and female together

arbonac says:

Nice, informative video.

99069906 says:

Wow that’s a fast growth rate! not bad at all!!

I was wondering what levels of KH, GH and dissolved oxygen you maintain? Or do you even feel its necessary to measure? Also do you ever have issues with fingerlings eating each other and do you have a grading routine to sort them out by size?

Thanks, your videos are great. Looking forward to seeing the next phase of your greenhouse develop. Jason

leopardscout says:

Oh, and do you aerate the water with air pumps at all?

leopardscout says:

Have been following your setup for some time and it’s great! Just wondering what sort of densities you like to keep your fish at? Also what total weight of fish you have and total plants?

Tom B says:

Glad to see you are taking the aquaponic route. I would have had to call you crazy if you had all that fish water and didn’t use it. I wonder with the fish, if you could process all the fish waste, guts, bones, etc all down into fish fertilizer for the garden, to compliment the fish poo of course. Just a thought.

TheJwb7111 says:

Awesome!  Its great that you are getting fish sold through craigslist, might try that myself when my system gets overloaded.

Frank5921 says:


MrAnagros says:

I am very interested in viewing your setup in person, I also live in Ohio and would like to come check it out. You seem to have your setup down to a pretty good science.

TheMrKrause says:

It is amazing to see your system grow so fast. What are you feeding your fish?

Theyoungrepper says:

great to see it! lol I commented on your last video yesterday asking for an update.

James Martinez says:

Are you selling your fish meat?

AWorld4Change says:

Lookin’ really nice man! Please keep us updated on the greenhouse project…it’s developing quite nicely!

goforgreenliving says:

Time to fire up the grill!

russ22f says:

Nicely done Steve. Looking forward to the green house updates. I like the idea of separate systems for the fish and the plants. I have recently found out that the two need different conditions to maximize growth.

krmikeb says:

I have long loved the system setup you have going. What do your nitrates hang around at? Now that it is warming up, you could very easily setup your duckweed outside in a long but shallow trough that has very slow flow, this would cut down on the cost of lighting. You could also use hyacinth as a nutrient absorber. Keep it up, love the vids!

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