WE Shorts – Cocktail Prawn Rolls, Dartanan Tamarindo, & Want Want Mini Fried Rice Cracker

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Today on we shorts Chuck Roland & Matt Zion review Cocktail Prawn Rolls, Dartanan Tamarindo, & Want Want Mini Fried Rice Cracker! Buy wreckless eating shirts…

PinExt WE Shorts   Cocktail Prawn Rolls, Dartanan Tamarindo, & Want Want Mini Fried Rice Cracker
tafbutton blue16 WE Shorts   Cocktail Prawn Rolls, Dartanan Tamarindo, & Want Want Mini Fried Rice Cracker


sAs Snacks says:

Matt, random thought… I’d say having seen like 75% at least of all
WeSHorts that Chuck is likely the most featured cast member (on WeShorts)
outside of you. What say you? Then maybe Chris & Deathtoll.

MarcBrightside says:

Oh Chuck <3

Jessica Kennon says:

Lol. You guys…

Niall Struthers says:

Cool vid :) 

LegionSoldier999 says:

Chuck don’t ever rap again. You’re too white.


Wait…what ???? Why is Chuck giving me the finger…how rude!

Pink Line Dancer says:

LOL The tamarind candies looked like turds.

Andy Footscray says:

Will the Tamarindo make a Main show appearance?

brumiebear says:

one of the best we shorts ever :) 

The One says:

I fucked a chipmunk Matt….True story

mettakilla says:

You guys are the best please do this forever and I will watch for an

TheVipersRKO1 says:

At 6:09, Matt is trying to fly away :D 

Phillip Nellemann says:

Hey matt 

axel elfarrow says:

5:16 lenny strength scream should be chucks new raiting system pic like
death toll’s god danm

Aaron's Food Adventures says:

Liked it just because Chuck struggled to open the tamarindo :-P 

Grantflip says:

Matt i like how you stick up for cats :D you know whats best for em, and
chuck at the time wasnt it, lol, this video isnt too bad if ya have the
volume down , good old drunk yellin chuck

Honewsgirl says:

I gotta say, those Wheat Thins on the table sounded delicious. I’m going to
have to look for them where I live haha

Mokedoke says:

Aww Ziggler looked so confused when Chuck picked him up XD

MrBlaarghh says:

Chuck lusting after PhilaDehlia. I feel you Chuck.

srose96 says:

i was expecting the rolls to have to be cooked lol

Doug Mombourquette says:

Drunk Chuck is amazing…lol

The Paul Fallon Show says:

I have tamarind sauce, what does it taste like, not sure I want to try it
anymore, lol

High Carb Vegan Zombie says:

LOL, with the tamarind. I fucking love tamarind. :P 

Ian Fitzpatrick says:

Casual Ziggler is casual.

Amrish Paul says:

u guys need to try snake meat

Akoni Lee says:

When Chuck said “How did you do it?” I seriously thought Matt was going to
be a sarcastic ass with something like “What, you mean get a girlfriend?”

50ftFrankenstein says:

Chuck’s the best. I saw him in a vision, he’s my spirit animal.

Tupac Amaru Shakur says:

So what about a 20 minute loop of Chuck saying “EEHHH” at 0:57?

Jennifer Lieu says:

aww chuck gave us ziggler :D classic babyface

Mae Aloril says:

lol he was so fucking drunk. It may not be very moral but watching him
drunkenly scramble for that package and play with the kitty made this video
like 100 times funnier.

Trapperx89 says:

Biatch gat no nailz yo-

Pighood says:

Good afternoon, Sergeant Flappyhands

coppertop says:

I was just about to comment is chuck drunk and he answers my question lol.

Levi V.P. says:

“I taste it, it’s there. It’s fish and it’s gross.” Classic W.E. line.

Nappy Jay says:

fuck her right in the pussy

Tomanista says:

I want a drunk Chuck Podcast

Ben Mueller says:

“He doesn’t like Tamarin” lmfao

shrimp102599 says:

Jesus Matt, how many drinks did Chuck have?? (>ω<)

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