Zesty Lemon & Garlic Prawn Skewers Video Recipe

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How to cook simple and tasty prawn skewers. The light zesty flavour gives them a nice kick that accompanies the classic garlic prawn flavours well. It’s a ve…

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lozarok says:

Awesome bro !! cheers for the tip

PlatypusGuitar says:

food PRON – get it? lol

theo filus says:

looks god damn tasty

loganinvermont says:

looks good thank you for vid

DiscosKitchen says:

Love your channel, great show mate. (check mine out)

Chhhyaaaa says:

Woo love seeing real garlic and not the powdered stuff!!! As always !!!!
Looks great!! Now, excuse me while I go buy me some prawns

Crater777 says:

I love the music in your videos, I wonder who plays it.

yoshizaki11111 says:

love ur pronounciation of battah <3

CookingwithKarma says:

YUMMO!! They look delish!! .. I think your prawn recipe kicks ass over
mine!! lol.

leigh1976 says:

What heat should I have the BBQ on ?

7777Scion says:

chilli on a shrimp? seriously? :-O

Reddylion says:


SimpleCookingChannel says:

Seriously yummy. Simple yet sooo tasty. :)

Kain519 says:

are the prawns precooked?

bemyvforever says:

deffo Aussie “Throw the shrimp on the bar-bie mate!” haha

bubutarejos says:


Tim Turner says:

just cooked this, added a lot more garlic and some fresh chilli, was

Pencilwania says:

you always shake your hands at the end to show how good it tastes :p

michael landry says:

excellent my friend! can’t wait for your next video.

ihave7sacks says:

sex on a stick?

fnju89 says:

I’m trying this next , been busy making the prawns in your other video lol.
It is awesome!~ Served it with some fried rice , snow peas and cashews!
Definatley on my Christmas day list this one :) Keep up the good work!

summ83 says:

Perfect as usual. You’re awesome mate!

MrSoulsTaker says:

@joker57082 It’s really good

Daveh H says:

Looks great! I make something similar in the mix & marinade(use a dash of
paprika), but I stopped with the skewers. I use a 14-16 count & a pie
pan(none of that aluminum crap). With a quick flip they bearly make it off
the grill. I also remove the prawn shell too. While presentation is nice,
one of those shells behined the sofa can stink out the house something

John Wheat says:

Love your videos and love your accent! However… Why do you always say
“guys” in your introduction? Why use an Americanism? Why not use “G’day
mate”? Fight the Americanisation of our English! :-)

Jay del Corro says:

Simple and tasty. Prawns are great since they cook so fast. Have a great
day, mate!

Aleksandar Najdovski says:

I never tryied Prawns are they any good?

Aleksandar Najdovski says:

@MrSoulsTaker I’ll tell my mum to get some :)

PlatypusGuitar says:

@MrJingjong …. ……. …..

Todd's Kitchen says:

Looks Delish

ChibiRanzie says:

thx mate, i just ate & i’m hungry again ^o^

Big Gaz says:

spot on recipe mate :)

Richard Blaine says:

Great Prawn recipe mates! XLNT! Now I am hungry!

Yung Wisdom says:

wooden skewers soaked in water would be fine right?

GrillingNetwork™ says:

Amazing dish!! Thanks for sharing!!

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