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Fried shrimp is a delicious delicacy, but preparing and frying the shrimp to perfection takes so long. If only there was a way to have instant fried shrimp… Now there is thanks to the Japanese! In this Japanese video, two cooks demonstrate an epic instant fried shrimp machine. Of course, the shrimp are precooked, but that doesn’t detract any awesomeness from the video.

tafbutton blue16 Japanese Instant Fried Shrimp Machine Is Awesome

Mike Pullen takes his own camera for his first solo filming attempt, and does it the hard way by tackling carp in winter. He shows you how to bait up using a…

tafbutton blue16 How to catch Carp with Prawns   The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

By Paul Talbot http://paultalbot.com.au/ http://www.majesticaquariums.com.au.

tafbutton blue16 Look how awesome these freshwater shrimp are!

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