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Beautiful girl Cook EAT Shrimp – How To Cook EAT Shrimp In VIETNAM – Countryside Food

tafbutton blue16 Beautiful girl Cook EAT Shrimp   How To Cook EAT Shrimp In VIETNAM

Scuba-diver Lutfi Tanriover captured the magic of the sea with this beautifully shot underwater video. It was filmed just off the Fethiye, Turkey which is a popular tourist destination on the country’s Turquoise Coast. Credit: Vimeo/Lutfi Tanriover

tafbutton blue16 Jellyfish, Coral and Shrimp Captured Beneath Beautiful Turkish Sea

Exploring the waters off Thailand’s picturesque Koh Racha Noi island is like diving in an aquarium! A powder blue surgeon fish darts past, redtail butterflyfish school above the reef and a peacock mantis shrimp scuttles across the coral, showcasing its extraordinary colourations. We’re also treated to a pufferfish feeding display and a close-up look at the beautiful bearded scorpionfish – all in ultra HD.

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tafbutton blue16 Mantis shrimp, bearded scorpionfish & beautiful corals in 4K

My stock of PFR Cherry shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda) Feeding on some wafers. If you are interested in buying some, PM me. Song: Heaven Out of hell.

tafbutton blue16 Beautiful Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Feeding HD

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