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Today I prepared shrimp instant ramen and 20 shrimps to eat the REAL shrimp ramen.
Since the cup noodle can be finished in 4-6 servings in average, I think it will be perfect to put 4-6 shrimps in one cup.
At the very end, I ended up boiling the shrimp ramen with 14 shrimps. The soup was really sweet, I guess the shrimps were infused well.
I should cook it occasionally. It was really delicious. I recommend it.
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tafbutton blue16 20 Shrimps!! Real Shrimp Instant Ramen Mukbang! | Optimistic Booster | Black Tiger Shrimp

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tafbutton blue16 Black Pepper Prawns Recipe | Yummy PH

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tafbutton blue16 BLACK PORK & TIGER PRAWN Japanese Teppanyaki Okinawa Japan

양수빈 양수빈 양수빈
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Nguồn: 양수빈

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tafbutton blue16 Chefn SHR272 Hightailer Shrimp PeelerDeveiner Red and Black f849455e

Watch Online Masala Mornings Black Pepper Prawns , Chicken Egg and Vegetable Pie , Sesame Chicken Bites Recipe by Shireen Anwar Masala TV 26 Aug 2015 Chef Shireen Anwar Cooking Recipes Only On Masala TV at best high Quality free streaming.

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tafbutton blue16 Masala Mornings Black Pepper Prawns Recipe by Shireen Anwar Masala TV 26 Aug 2015

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