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(0301 CR M20)ANTI-DUMPING DISPUTE ON CHINESE SHRIMP DATELINE: March 1, 2011 LENGTH: 00:00:58 VO The Ministry of Commerce said on Monday the United States violated WTO rules and levied high anti-dumping duties on imports of warm water shrimp from China. According to a statement posted on the ministry’s website, the United States announced anti-dumping measures on warm water shrimp from China in December, 2004. After the ruling, Chinese exporters appealed three times against the anti-dumping measures to the U.S. Court of International Trade. The tariff rates were finalized in last July. The statement says the United States violated WTO rules when it levied high anti-dumping duties, thereby impairing the interest of the Chinese shrimp producers. It says the United States failed to tackle the key problems eyed by China despite negotiations made by the Chinese government on different occasions and strong opposition from domestic Chinese producers. It also says China is opposed to t Powered by www.newslook.com Producer : Xinhua News Agency


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