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Chef Veena Arora of The Imperial New Delhi shares the recipe for a Thai seafood special from her winter menu

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Today’s menu is Tomato & Prawn Linguine … Yummy
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How to make a Primitive DIY Prawn Trap and catch n cook some tasty Ginger Prawns!\r
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Cooking Sea Food Gumbo For Our Village – Trying to Cook SeaFood Gumbo with Octopus, Prawns and Crabs-fFC2ncoAO4U

tafbutton blue16 Cooking Sea Food Gumbo For Our Village   Trying to Cook SeaFood Gumbo with Octopus, Prawns and Crabs fFC2ncoAO4U

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Everyone knows to stock up with non-perishable foods if a hurricane is coming their way, but how do you hold onto the food that’s already in your fridge and freezer? After all, letting all that food spoil can lead to losses of hundreds of dollars, so start by cooking and eating your most expensive foods first. According to Business Insider, if you think you’re likely to have a power outage, get prepared by having ice coolers ready to store food if the power is out for more than four hours.

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How to How to Cook Fresh Prawn in Three Easy Steps

Step # 1. Cleaning
Step # 2. Marinate
Step # 3. Frying Prawns

Remove the shell and head

Remove the heads by pulling and twisting.

They should come out easily, grab around the eyes and firmly twist to pull the head off,

Pull off the legs, Simply use your hand and pinch off the small dangling legs and pull them away.

Peel off the shell with your thumbs. Starting at the top, work your thumb beneath the shell and slides it all the way down to the tail, pulling off the shell as you go. It’s going to come back in pieces.

Use the small knife to create a slit down the back of the prawn, Look for the long black vein that runs through the entire prawn.
It is easy to find near the tail, where there is a tiny valley in the prawn
Remove the vein from the prawn. Pull the end of the vein up with the tip of the knife then grab it with your fingers to pull it off. This not strictly necessary,
Rinse under running water and pat dry. Moisture on the outside of the prawn will make the cook unevenly. Give them a quick drain off the water completely.

Step #2.

Mix with simple and easily available ingredients.
Prawn fry with simple and easily available ingredients.

Ingredients, Chilly Power, Turmeric Power and Salt
To make any seafood, use very few spices to retain the original flavor otherwise it gets dominated by spices.

This prawn fry can be cook under 15 minutes,

Mix with chilly powder, turmeric powder, Salt and set aside for at least 5 minutes.

Step #3.

Add oil to a hot pan, when it turns hot, add those marinated prawns and fry.

When the prawn swirls up completely. It means they are cooked thoroughly. Add

Use this simple recipe to cook prawns and let me know your comments.
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Cook Fresh Prawn in Three Easy Ste

tafbutton blue16 How to Cook Fresh Prawn in  Three Easy Steps

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If you overcooked your pan-seared salmon, you may be tempted to blame it on the type of salmon you bought, but none of that matters if you understand the chemistry of how this colorful fish cooks.

tafbutton blue16 Whether Its Farmed or Wild, Heres How to Cook Your Salmon Right

Fried Garlic Prawns is a well received gourmet delicacy in almost any restaurants that serve prawns. Fantastic to go with bread, rice or noodles.
Its highly aromatic and crunchiness texture when chewing it
makes it one of the best dishes around.
You definitely have to try this recipe to know what I
say. You will be happy that you did.

15 medium fresh large prawns marinated with:
1/2-1 teaspoon of salt to be kept in fridge for at 3 hours
to give its crunchiness)
2 teapsoons garlic
1 teaspoon cornflour
1 egg white

1. Add brown sugar, cornflour & egg white to prawns
and mix well.
2. In a heated wok or pan add 4 tablespoons oil, add
garlic, saute for a while then add prawns.
3. Fry on both sides until golden brown in color.
4. Ready to serve. Yummy & delicious!

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