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Prawn Mango Thokku – இறா மாங்காய் தொக்கு View full recipe at http://samayalkurippu.com.

tafbutton blue16 Prawn Mango Thokku   இறா மாங்காய் தொக்கு | Indian Cuisine | Tamil

A very delicious prawn rice dish that will deeply satisfy food lovers……….

tafbutton blue16 Desi Cuisine 6: Prawn Biryani

Bengali cook making Prawn malai curry in the ‘City of Joy’ restaurant.

The flavour and taste of the food they serve makes it a real joyful experience to visit. There speciality is naturally fishes. They are flown from Kolkata (twice/thrice a week) thanks to the efficient logistics set up nowadays. As a result you get served with the best of the best fishes as far as their freshness and taste are concerned. The Bhetkis are from original Kolkata sweet water bheris, the Rui/Katlas are from Lalgola, the Ilish is fresh out of Kolaghat, the Prawns and crabs are from Kharibari and the list goes on. All our chefs and kitchen staff are from Orissa (considered the champion cooks) with loads of experience in cooking and creating traditional Bengali delicacies. Along with the fishes, we also bring certain specific spices and herbs from Kolkata. So you get original Gondhoraj lebus and dhani lonkas on the table when you sit to eat here. Along with fishes, we specialize in dishes like typical Kolkata Biryani with Mutton and Chicken Chaap, Kosha Mangsho, Murgi Posto, Kobirajis, Moghlais, Fish Orlies and our very own Fish Fries and Fish Fingers. The vegetarian list is nothing less interesting and traditional.

They always try to give their customers a feel of Ethnic Kolkata all around. Indeed all their décor have been made in various parts of West Bengal and transported to Delhi. The terracotta chandeliers with Alpana decorations are made in Duttapakur, in the outskirts of Kolkata (You won’t find such lamp shades anywhere else in the country). The walls and ceilings have been draped with madur (jute mats), a product of a place called Mecheda. The cutleries are made out of bull’s horn (a very special cottage industry of a north Bengal town, Malda). The furniture is all made of Assam and north Bengal cane. Even the salt and pepper stands are made out of Coconut shells, another unique handicraft product of Kolkata. The walls are full of pictures of legendary Bengali personalities like Satyajit Ray, Uttam — Suchitra, Feluda and his team, Kishore Kumar, paintings of Jamini Roy, photographs of historic monuments like Howrah Bridge, New Market, Victoria Memorial, Howrah station and more as they were during the 1930s and 1940s.

Source: http://www.cityofjoydelhi.com

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tafbutton blue16 Bengali cuisine   Prawn malai curry

Bengali cook making Prawn malai curry in the ‘City of Joy’ restaurant. The flavour and taste of the food they serve makes it a real joyful experience to visi…

tafbutton blue16 Bengali cuisine   Prawn malai curry

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