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(PDF Download) Hooray for Dairy Farming! (Hooray for Farming!) Download

tafbutton blue16 (PDF Download) Hooray for Dairy Farming! (Hooray for Farming!) Download

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[PDF Download] Hooray for Dairy Farming (Hooray for Farming!) [Read] Online

tafbutton blue16 [PDF Download] Hooray for Dairy Farming (Hooray for Farming!) [Read] Online

wahdat integrated farming Sargodha, The owner of wahdat enterprises Muhemmed Shahid Zaman ,the objective of owner was that to provide fresh & healthy Milk and milk products for public. Wahdat enterprises statarting dairy farm with 300 , Austrlian cows since 2006.. wahdat dairy industry preparing 14 types of products i.e full cream milk..low fat milk,flavoured strawberry & chocolate milk, 3 types of yogurt..plain,Rawaiti and low fat, 3 types of Labans,sweet,salty and low fat… two types of Riata..Zeera &poudina. special item of wahdat processing unit is cottage Chees and yellow butter.
All these products are available at the big departmental stores, CSD shops Rawlpindi and famous schools cafetarias specially Hassan Abdal cedit college..these products are prepared in the presence of most intelligent & expert personality of Dairy industries…specially Mr.Malik izhar Athar,who spend their most part of his life in dairy industry.
WAHDAT Poultry Farm is a subsidiary of WAHDAT Farms (comprising of WAHDAT Dairy Farm & WAHDAT Agriculture and Orchard farm) located in Sargodha. The integrated farms are spread over 100 acres of Agricultural-land where the by-products are used for power generation from biogas and organic fertilizer for use in agriculture.

WAHDAT Poultry Farm is the largest automated and environmentally controlled & the only state-of-the-art layer farm in Pakistan that has attained HACCP, ISO-22000 & EUROFINS certifications. It is designed, equipped with and installed by the world’s leading poultry equipment manufacturer “Big Dutchman” of Germany in accordance with international quality, hygiene and health standards. Presently, it has 2 fully automated layer houses having capacity of more than 90,000 chickens each with daily production of around 160,000 eggs per day.
verCurrently we have three differentiated products in our line-up under the brand name“Farm Fresh” (Classic, Golden & Omega-3) which have unmatched features of hygiene protocols, 100% bird flu protection, weight, nutrition & taste.

We are proud to announce that we have successfully launched our premium category “Farm Fresh Golden” & super premium category “Farm Fresh Omega-3” eggs specially formoulated to maintian healthy heart, after 4 years of research & development by our PhD nutritionists. This has been done through careful selection of the breed, R&D in plant-based organic feed and providing a controlled & stress-free environment to the birds. All these factors combined with best in class hygiene standards have enabled us to deliver finest quality eggs that are an important part of our daily diet for physical development.
Farm Fresh Golden eggs contain high nutritional values like Vitamin A, D, & E along with Selenium enriched elements..By the grace of Allah, we supply exclusive eggs to the best food chains and hospitals across Pakistan. After establishing our brand in Lahore, Faisalabad & Islamabad we have now introduced our premium range in Karachi.

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“உழுதுண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்மற் றெல்லாம் தொழுதுண்டு பின்செல்…

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Europe’s dairy farmers are feeling the squeeze – they say big business is forcing milk prices down to below the cost of production. And they say they’re getting nowhere with their EU MPs, who they accuse of following the corporate herd. RT’s Tesa Arcilla has more.

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Hello all, here in this video our operational Director Mr ramakrishnan will explain the basics of our dairy farm.plz watch and give your valuable comments. T…

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“For more information Phone Call to Mr. Adnan Ali – Manager Dairy (SMEDA) +92 (0) 322 400 3541 Email: adnanali@smeda.org.pk
An Environmentally Controlled Dairy Farm with Swedish Cows 23 Nov 2011 by SMEDA.ORG Lahore Pakistan
Free Download Pre-Feasibilities Studies on Dairy Farm

tafbutton blue16 An Environmentally Controlled Dairy Farm with Swedish Cows 23 Nov 2011 by SMEDA.ORG Lahore Pakistan

Under the direction of afimilk, the largest, most comprehensive dairy farm project in the world has entered its third year, and is operating in five of 12 farms with 23,000 cattle. The project, located in Vietnam, was planned and constructed by on-site afimilk experts.

To view Multimedia News Release, go to http://www.multivu.com/mnr/58628-afimilk-largest-dairy-farm-project

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In this PETA video, actress Emily Deschanel reveals the cruelty of the dairy industry and encourages you to chose compassionate, dairy-free alternatives to milk, cheese, icecream, etc Check out your local health store and supermarkets for dairy-free, vegan products

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Sappi is donating the by-products of the papermaking process to local dairy farmers. The boiler ash and lime mud is being used to raise the pH of the soil so that farmers can afford to grow their crops and continue farming during difficult economic times. Published on Mar 26, 2012

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