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Prawns pulao with fresh vegetable/prawns/jhinga pulao with easy recipe
Hi freinds
Aap sabhi freinds ka hsmare youtube channel Debzi kitchen main swagat hai
Freinds is channel k madhyam se hum aap logo tak aise dishes pahonchayega jo pehle aapne kabhi test nahi ki hogi.100%home made recipe seka anand le sakenge aap.
Hamre channel main sabhi tarah ke pakwan banaye jsyenge.indian,chineese,kolkatta,singapur,saudi arebiya,benglore,rajasthani,punjabi,gujrati,american,etc.har tarah ke pakwano ka aap is channel mein annad le payenge.ham koshish karenge ache se accha karne ki.
To freinds bane rahe hsmare saath,aaj karte hai kuch khas,lets start.
About this vedio
Freinds is vedio main vegetable prawns ke bare main bataya gaya hai.wo bhi badi asani se darshaya gaya hai.sabhi ghar ke masale use kiye gaye hai.agar aapko koi dikkat ati ho ise banane main ya kuch puchana ho to pls comment kare.ham zarur batayenge.thenx for watching
1.garam masala 5g
2.haldi swadnusar
3.zeera+kalimirch roast powder 5g
4.kashmiri lal mirch roast powder 5g
5.salt swadnusar
6.shimla mirch 1p
7.pyaz 1p
8.tamatar 1p bigg
9.green chilli 4p
10.prawns 300g
11.gajar 1p
12.beens 50g
13.gobi 1/2p
14.matar 25g
15.oil as per requirnment


tafbutton blue16 Prawns pulao with fresh vegetable prawnce jhinga pulao with easy recipe (1)

How to make easy prawns masala/jhinga masala fry/prawns masala recipei
Aap sabhi freinds ka hamare channel Debzi kitchen main swagat hai
Freinds is channel k madhyam se hum aap logo tak aise dishes pahonchayega jo pehle aapne kabhi test nahi ki hogi.100%home made recipe jiska anand le sakenge aap.
Hamre channel main sabhi tarah ke pakwan banaye jayenge.indian,chineese,kolkatta,singapur,saudi arebiya,benglore,rajasthani,punjabi,gujrati,american,etc.har tarah ke pakwano ka aap is channel mein annad le payenge.ham koshish karenge ache se accha karne ki.
To freinds bane rahe hamare saath,aaj karte hai kuch khas,lets start.
About this vedio:
Doston pesh hai aaj ki bemisal recipe jiska nam hai Prawns masala fry.ji ha doston ise asan tarike se samjhaya gaya hai.agar koi confussion ho pls comment box main zarur problem likhiye ham zarur solve karne ki koshish karenge.to freinds ummid karta hu ki apko ye recipe zarur pasand ayi hogi.pls like or share zarur kijiye.or debzi kitchen ko subscribe kijiye.thenk you so much.
1. onion
2.Raee 5g
3.khash khash 10g
4.zeera 5g
5.kali mirch 5g
6.green chilli 2 pice
10.kadhmiri lal mirch with roast powder
11.zeera+kalimirch with roast powder
13.oil as per requirnment
14.Prawns 300g


tafbutton blue16 How to make easy prawns masala jhinga masala fry prawns masala recipe

Shrimp and Veggie

With the best flavour combination and ready in under 15 minutes, Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp is an easy to throw together meal that can be served over anything!

A huge bowl of this Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp can be found at our dinner table at least once a week. Stir a handful of angel hair pasta through the lemony, garlicky, buttery sauce for a delicious dinner.

Buy shrimp (or prawns) already deveined, shelled and cleaned, and you have yourself such an easy recipe. Use fresh lemon juice (not the store bought stuff, please for the love of freshness), and use fresh garlic if possible. Those two elements — although rather obvious — are the key to this recipe creating fireworks in your mouth.

tafbutton blue16 Shrimp and Summer Veggie Recipe very easy Latest 2020

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tafbutton blue16 Diablo 3 Magic Find and Gold Farm Easy Farm Method   Easy Farm Spot   Guide

Today in Clash of Clans we are doing some nice Loonion Farming! No Lava Hounds involved! We are not using Hounds to keep our Dark Elixir cost down! I think you guys will be surprised how effective just straight up Loonion is at TH9! Check out these great Clash of Clans farming raids!\r
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How to farm legendary weapons/items fast in Fallout 4 – Bloatfly Larva, Legendary Farming Method that can be easily used during your normal playthrough.

||||||||||||||||||||| DESCRIPTION |||||||||||||||||||||

Credit: eAsymAc187

This method won’t guarantee you a legendary item on every enemy but you have a good chance to get one out of 5 enemies.
This Legendary item farming method can be used while playing the game pretty much as you would anyway. It only requires you to set up a few basic things and you’re good to go.

First you want to make a stop at diamond city and visit doctor sun. Buy the syringer rifle from him and go to a chemistry station. You can find one right next to him. Now you want to craft as many bloatfly larva syringes as you can. There are a couple of duplication and item glitches around and you definitely want to use one for these. If you don’t know any, here’s a video that will show you a quick method that you can use directly at a station like this.


After you’re done crafting your syringe ammo, put the bloatfly larva syringes into the rifle. You will get to this screen by pressing the reload button while you’re holding the weapon.

It’s also important to know that the difficulty will affect your chances of getting legendary spawns. If you have a strong character or are using a power armor you definitely have an advantage.

Now here’s how to get your shot at legendaries and you can use this on every enemy type. Shoot him once with the syringe, switch back to a normal gun and kill him.

Since you shot him with the syringe ammo first, a bloatfly will spawn everytime after the enemies death and there is a chance that it is a legendary one, which will always drop a legendary item.

Like i said before, the probability will go up if you’re playing on a higher difficulty. Even at the highest one you won’t get a legendary everytime, but when i was playing on hard, i got one every 4 or 5 times which is still pretty good.

You can also reload before enemies until you get a legendary spawn but i found this to be a pretty fun method while going about your normal playthrough. have a great day and see you next time

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tafbutton blue16 Fallout 4   Easy Legendary Weapons/Items Farming Method (Farming Best Weapons with Syringe Larva)

Fun Farms Ep. 4\r
I think maybe the simplest way to get a peaceful (or passive) mob farm from scratch. Over 37000 spawning spaces (half of them ive at a time). With a complete guide how to condition your world in the simplest possible way. Spawns 350 animals / hour. You dont need to spend hours conditioning your spawn chunks, nor spend tons of redstone resources to get peaceful mobs. Its laggy as hell, but the heck, its cheap as chips.\r
Just dont build it – build the efficient one:\r
Lag warning – 16 floors farm produces enough lag for my server not to feel well. It seems that with my hardware setup anything bigger / crazier would not be obtainable due to light and water updates. However, this is not a beastly machine, so it should work fine on most servers.\r
Timelapses using Replay Mod, but the horse speedrun clips were NOT timelapses.\r
This is a fourthin my- Fun Farms, where I am taking one mob at a time and showing unique farms based around some interesting game mechanics.\r
Awesome diamond shape farm design for use in any mob/crop/drop that can be flushed situation. Shown as well on the examples of hostile mob farm, netherwart and mushroom farm.\r
Guide to horse transportation – how to filter fast / jumpy horses. Horse speed track using dropper on fast comparator clock instead of hopper transfering items, to get double precision. Overall speed = 500/{number items in the chest}, in blocks/s. Track is 100 blocks long.\r
(Other similar designs, of diamond shaped pads. Honestly, I couldnt find much more than that):\r
Lachine, Mob Farm: \r
iOBu, Diamond Shaped Crop Farm: \r
ilmango Simple Perpetual Potion Brewer: \r
(original design + overflow protection + on/off switch + is_brewing indicator + secret entrance added, all in this pile of redstone from my video)\r
Minecraft IGN: gnembon\r
Find me on Twitter: \r
Resource Pack: Minecraft HD 64 \r
(With modified bedrock texture, clean glass, also modified by me to work with 1.9)\r
Timelapses using Replay Mod.\r
Music used:\r
- Holberg Suite

tafbutton blue16 Minecraft   Simple and Easy Passive (Peaceful) Mob Farm and Spawn Preparation. (Fun Farms Ep. 4)

Yetti Sukka is a spicy tangy prawn roasted in coconut oil served with neer dosa, rice and appams. The coastal seafood found in Mangalore is very unusual from the ones found in other parts of the country. Mangalore is known for its richness in seafood and this dish, that is also known as Prawn Sukka will help you relish those flavors. Chef Aditya Bal not only discovers the village but also discovers this dish and brings it to you.


· 550 gms Prawns

· 1 chopped Onion

· 1 chopped tomato

· 1 tbsp. ground green chilli

· 1 tbsp. ginger – garlic paste

· 1 bashed garlic

· 1 cup grated coconut

· 1 bowl mustard seeds

· 6-7 green chillies

· 2 tbsp. coriander powder

· ½ tbsp. garam masala

· ½ tbsp. cumin powder

· 2 tbsp. coconut oil

· 5-6 curry leaves

· 3 cups of water

· 2 tbsp. chopped coriander

· Salt to taste


· In a pressure cooker, add water, prawns, salt, chopped tomato and onion, and boil.

· Once boiled, add the local paste of ground green chillies and ginger-garlic paste

· Into this, add the local masala mixture of grated coconut, mustard seeds, hot chilles and coriander.

· Add garam masala, coriander powder and cumin powder to the prawn mixture.

· Simmer till the gravy thickens and then add salt according to taste.

· For tadka, heat coconut oil in a small utensil.

· Deep fry mustard seeds, curry leaves and bashed garlic for a minute in the heated oil.

· Add the fried ingredients to the cooked prawn and mix it all.

· Garnish with coriander.

· Serve hot!

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tafbutton blue16 Easy Prawns Sukka Curry Recipe | Mangalore Food | Chef Aditya Bal

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Reads Read Books Simple Shrimp Cookbook Quick & Easy Shrimp Recipes For The Whole Family E-Book New E-Books

tafbutton blue16 Read Books Simple Shrimp Cookbook  Quick & Easy Shrimp Recipes For The Whole Family E Book

So simple, takes just a few mins and boy are these good. Olive oil (and we are not shy with it) garlic, lemon zest and juice. Make sure your shrimps or prawns are .
Learn how to make a Garlic Shrimp Recipe ! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 650 additional original .
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How to cook simple and tasty prawn skewers. The light zesty flavour gives them a nice kick that accompanies the classic garlic prawn flavours well. Its a very .

tafbutton blue16 Garlic Shrimp Recipe   Quick & Easy Garlic Shrimp

Crispy Fried Shrimp Recipe\r
30-35 Deveined Uncooked Jumbo Shrimp\r
2 Large Eggs\r
3 Cups Vegetable Oil\r
1 Cup Italian Breadcrumbs\r
1/2 Cup All-Purpose Flour\r
1/4 Cup Whole Milk\r
1 Tsp Salt\r
1 Tsp Old bay\r
1/2 Tsp Cajun\r
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper\r
1. Place frozen shrimp in a bowl and cover with cool water. Add 1 tsp salt and allow the shrimp to soak until they defrost.\r
2. Remove skin, then drain water.\r
3. Season shrimp with salt, old bay, cajun seasoning, and pepper then massage seasonings in well.\r
4. Add eggs and milk to a bowl, then whisk for 45 seconds.\r
5. Coat shrimp with flour, then shake off excess flour.\r
6. Dip shrimp into egg wash, then drain excess egg.\r
7. Coat shrimp well with Italian breadcrumbs, then sit aside for 15 to 20 minutes.\r
8. Place a pot over high heat. Preheat oil for 7 to 9 minutes.\r
9. Add shrimp and fry for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes.\r
10. Once done, sit shrimp aside on a paper toweled plate to drain excess oil.\r
11. For cocktail sauce, combine ketchup with sriracha and stir in well.\r
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tafbutton blue16 Easy Crispy Fried Shrimp Recipe: How To Cook Delicious Fried Shrimp At Home

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